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C-LED services: design and production of electronic applications for customized solutions

10 October 2023

A privileged point of view by Mirco Berti and Stefano Battilani


C-LED can range from the retail sector to the industrial sector, from public lighting to interior design. The production can cover every need to satisfy the technical specifications required by a demanding clientele operating in multiple application fields. Energy efficiency, miniaturization, reliability and durability of the product offered.

SB: “As a group in CEFLA We are structured on multiple business units operating which operates on multiple markets and different products. However, there are minimum common denominator representing the strong strength for C-LED which can be able to get benefits on the production processes in order to gain, depending on the case, optimal conditions from common suppliers among the different operating units”.


LED MODULES: design, scouting and reliability by C-LED

C-LED designs and produces LED modules customized to the needs of its customers MB:Our work time is dedicated to the costumer’ service” one of the company’s main priorities is to be quick in sampling and also respond to very specific requests. Just concrete and recent example MB: “we have machinery in house for automatic production testing, we can certify and guarantee the chromatic and spectral compliance of the LEDs with the final specifications”. “Important investments have also been made recently to offer a truly significant cost reduction to our customers.”

C-LED guarantees high technology and standards: dimensions and geometry of the modules, colour temperature, colour rendering, light spectra to optimize performance based on actual needs. MB:I would also add the importance of our third-party assembly service”. A complete service that the company can offer using an advanced purchasing office for a global supply and at a competitive price. C-LED can receive the specifications directly from the customer and then apply its know-how in the production phase, and control and support in the creation and assembly of the finished lamp, up to the automated testing of each individual board. All modules are registered on the EPREL (European product registry for energy labelling) website.


Zhaga standard LED modules for outdoor “street lighting” and indoor applications

In addition to the custom offer, C-LED designs, produces and markets standard Zhaga modules, with 5050 or 3535 LEDs, the former for a high efficiency luminous flux, the latter of the ceramic type with lens. All this to respond to market demands and operate as a system integrator.



C-LED offers drivers compatible with electrified tracks that are inserted easily and without connection polarity problems. The constant current drivers can be integrated with multicurrent function, dimmable with DALI protocol or with Bluetooth Mash protocol. With the same performance, they are the most compact drivers that can be found on the market and LED modules with integrated drivers are also available.

MB concludes: “We are talking about on-off and Bluetooth LED drivers, a system which, once purchased, can be inserted into a track in an integrated way with light sources dedicated to retail, interior design, residential, with a power dimension that finds its application also ideal for home offices”. “We mainly turn to manufacturers with know-how and possibly signature design, once the optical part with colour temperature and dissipation has been done, the rest is integration on the track”. “In this case we turn directly to manufacturing companies which, thanks to our LED drivers, can also ask for custom tracks. Whoever makes the spotlight takes care of the design, optics and dissipation and We, with our service, can develop differentiated electronics in terms of connection, in order to offer a wide range of sizes suitable for customized hi-end products, On-Off, Bluetooth and DALI, or rather what is most requested today”.


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