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Caltagirone ceramic lamps represent Sicilian art and tradition

21 December 2023

Ceramiche Sofia has been for years in the artisanal production of unique majolica pieces, decorated and modelled by hand, following the style of the classic colours of Caltagirone ceramics of all eras


In the heart of Sicily, in Caltagirone, are created table lamps which are unique in the world, made entirely by hand by expert craftsmen and representing a true treasure of Sicilian tradition. Caltagirone ceramics are known for their elegance and colours. The lamps are a perfect example of that. Each one is a unique and unrepeatable piece, resulting from the mastery and passion of the artisans who create them.

Ceramiche Sofia, by brothers Nicola and Giuseppe Intonato, is a company seated in Caltagirone that produces artistic majolica.  The handcrafting of these objects guarantees attention to detail and obsessive care in the production, making them prestigious objects of art. The emitted light creates warm and enveloping atmospheres, thanks to the study of crystallization that amplifies and harmonizes the light effects created by colour mixing. The choice of colours is, indeed, carefully selected to create a luminous effect that is refined, welcoming and long-lasting.

They are suitable for furnishing charming homes and hotels with harmonious taste wherever you want to create sophisticated furnishings with a strong emotional impact.

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