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Catellani & Smith for the exclusive Im Ackermannshof eatery in Basel

5 September 2022

Catellani & Smith lighting is featured in the exclusive Im Ackermannshof in Basel, an eatery serving modern Mediterranean cuisine that reflects the Italian and Swiss roots of chef Flavio Fermi. In addition to the restaurant, Im Ackermannshof also comprises a bar & lounge area offering a sophisticated selection of wines, champagne and cocktails to accompany the delicious appetizers.

Designed by Céline Burgy Interior Design Gmbh, the signature feature of the settings is the distinctive délabré effect on the walls, complemented by sparse, carefully studied furnishing elements in neutral tones and by material such as wood and metals. A perfect example is the bar & lounge area, in which two large Petits Lentilles lamps light up the bar counter and the surface reserved for preparing drinks. The natural brass oval shape and the bright, transparent bulbs arranged in sequence all around the perimeter of the oval structure strike a smooth, appealing balance with the deliberately “aged” style of the walls, as well as creating a soft ambience throughout the setting.

Positioned on the bar counter and the tables, the Giulietta BE T wireless lamps provide three different light intensities, which can be adjusted with a simple touch of the hand. In vintage brass, Giulietta BE T is composed of a circular base and a slim rod, surrounded – apparently without any support – by a disc under which the light source is concealed.

Finally, moving on to the restaurant area, individual Gold Moon elements of different heights, and installed at different distances from one another, form interesting compositions that light up the dining tables. The gold-coloured leaf that covers the inner surface of the irregularly shaped discs, and the tiny gems of light supported by copper curls bring an extraordinarily beautiful touch to the surroundings.


Catellani & Smith

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