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Ceramiche Sofia presents the Senape Collection

7 May 2024

Caltagirone ceramic lamps represent Sicilian art and traditions


For years, Ceramiche Sofia has been dealing with the handcrafted production of unique majolica pieces decorated and modelled by hand, following the style of the classic colours of Caltagirone ceramics of all eras. That is how unique table lamps are born, made entirely by the artisans’ expert hands, thus representing a real treasure of the Sicilian tradition.

Caltagirone ceramics are known for their elegance and colours, of which lamps are a perfect example. Each of them is a unique and unrepeatable piece and lends itself to furnishing charming homes and hotels or wherever to create sophisticated furniture with a powerful emotional impact. Sicily, with the colour of the sun and the scent of its oranges, gives these lamps a harmonious taste and style enclosed in a single design.


Ceramiche Sofia

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