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DG Light offers a complete offer of electronic components for the LED lighting market

1 June 2023

DG Light‘s service is based on a genuine collaboration and trust relationship established with its Customers, thanks to continuous assistance of the optimal technological choices for the application, bearing in mind the economic factor of competitiveness and time to market. Over the years, DG Light has expanded its offer with clever and targeted choices, entering into partnerships with reliable and well-recognized manufacturers.

DG Light has recently started a collaboration agreement with the Slovenian manufacturer AKA PCB specialised in printed circuit production. A partnership that offers, in addition to LEDs – the heart of the lighting system – standard and custom optical solutions, traditional and IoT power supplies, and extruded aluminium according to customer specifications”. By promoting innovation and investments in automation, AKA PCB is now one of the leading European manufacturers of printed circuit boards. With more than 55 years of experience AKA PCB has specialised in producing one-sided printed circuit boards, maintaining its market position and competitiveness by constantly upgrading the production process and increasing automation, thus achieving high quality and productivity.

AKA PCB’s main markets are in the European Union, where they sell their printed circuit boards to manufacturers of household appliances, automotive electronics, lighting technology, telecommunications, medical equipment, and other technologies. AKA PCB is well aware that the production and technology of printed circuit boards are closely intertwined. Their highly qualified experts offer clients help and counselling in the design stage. Also, AKA PCB company can produce large series of products, being a highly innovative company with skilled staff quickly responding to customer needs.

The Partnership with a high-quality European printed circuit board manufacturer allows DG Light to rely on flexibility, local technical support and fast turnaround times. It is currently essential to have a single supply source for sampling and mass production, an aspect that is not always obvious. DG Light offers solutions in FR4, CEM1, CEM3, and CEM3 Thermal, standard and flexible IMS. AKA PCB is also able to produce extra-large panels (1200mm x 600mm) for linear systems. The customers appreciate the speed of delivery, professionalism and quality of the products supplied, another reason for pride in demonstrating the continuous commitment and passion DG Light puts into the lighting market every day.

With its headquarters in the province of Turin, Italy, and commercial offices in the Italian Lombardy region, DG Light is managed by a long-time experienced professional structure, representing an expert and competent partner in the field of supply and support.


DG Light

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