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Evocative ethnic influences meet contemporary art collections

28 February 2024

“Art Allure” Pelizzari Studio signs an exclusive residence in the center of Brescia


Pelizzari Studio – a well-known architectural firm that has been creating tailor-made projects customized down to the last detail in the residential, contract, hospitality and retail sectors since 1991 – signs the remodeling project of a historic building in the center of Brescia. The building was built as a Convent during the XVII century and it was later turned into a Museum in the 1950s.

The renovation, which lasted more than two years, transformed the space into the residence of a couple of jewelers according to a stylistic design inspiration that combines the historical recovery of the original structure with a touch of elegant modernity. The apartment characterized by an industrial feeling – while maintaining a loft mood – recalls the shapes of the typical Lombardy warehouse with an internal courtyard.

Pelizzari Studio, chosen to lead both the first renovation in 2013 and the one completed at the end of 2023, has been able to create the rooms with the lively atmosphere that we see today. It enhances the precious contemporary artworks and oriental pieces collected by the property during multiple travels. Pelizzari team deep know-how and its consolidated expertise in the recovery and conservative restoration in the architecture and interior design sectors, made it possible to maintain and restore the most significant structural parts of the building, including the ancient brick perimeter walls. There was a strong desire to respect the intrinsic soul of the place, as well as its original context, while also preserving all the surrounding green area that was previously used as vegetable gardens and that has now been converted to a garden. Great attention was also paid to the new technological requirements: the rooms original height of more than 4 meters made it possible to easily ducting the engineering planting.

Finally, a careful lighting project made it possible to enhance the distinctive features of the house.

The result is a flat articulated in a large central space, which includes the living room that hosts some iconic pieces and custom elements, a kitchen with industrial moods, the master bedroom area and the guest area. The larch wood floor planks, on which a refined lightening treatment has been performed, highlight the continuity between the different areas of the house while giving also a distinctive brightness to the domestic chromatics. The vibrant synergy of material textures, declined on the surfaces, dialogues with the forms of the furnishings that skillfully mix modern design icons with exciting oriental pieces. The decor of each space sits between art and design. Each element finds its balance in the endless journey between rationality and sensuality, as if to tell the lives of those who live these spaces.



Project: Art Allure, Residential, Brescia

Interior Design Project: Pelizzari Studio

Photographer: Mattia Aquila



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