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Falkensteiner Hotel Kronplatz, Alto Adige: a deluxe&active stay

21 March 2022

The balance between nature and innovation is highlighted by the choice of materials: wood, typical of the region, harmoniously coexists with the steel from the Platek lighting fixtures


The Falkensteiner 5 star  hotel is located at the foot of the Plan de Corones in Alto  Adige. An exclusive location for lovers of sports activities and lifestyle vacations. The modern structure designed by Matteo Thun perfectly blends with the surrounding mountain landscape. The design characteristics are further enhanced through a specific lighting study, suitable for below zero temperatures and a high degree of humidity. The fixtures create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Perfect for those guests that wish to experience the relaxing comfort of the open air Spa.

CHIODO A family of bollards in three heights. Very simple design, the products CHIODO can be used both hidden inside the bushes, or in view. In the first case it highlights the lighting capacity, generating an intense light particularly suitable for scenic lighting of gardens or large vases with flowers and greenery. In the second case it can create magical compositions by using elements of different heights, such as small forests of pure light.

NANO XL the series of small floodlight, coming in stainless steel and painted aluminum. The possibility of enlightening with optical point or diffusion makes their use particularly suitable for enhancing gardens or individual flower bushes and plants. It is also useful in the architectural field to provide with prominence to facades portions.

TARGET engineered with LED technology, TARGET represents a harmonious combination of simple use and elegant design, a sculptural and flexible complement of versatile lighting, a solution for projects of architectural light that underline shapes, volumes and colours.


LOCATION: Brunico, Italia

YEAR: 2020

ARCHITECT: Matteo Thun


COMMISIONED BY: Falkensteiner group



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