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Ferroluce lamps light up the kitchen at Masterchef Italia 12

23 March 2023

This year, in the kitchen of Masterchef Italia 12 there are new protagonists to keep an eye on, the Retrò collection lamps by Ferroluce. What are the ingredients to make a kitchen not only practical but also have an irresistible aesthetic? Each recipe has its secret ingredient, that magical touch – we dare to say – which gives the dish a unique and inimitable taste.

The contestants and judges of Masterchef Italia know many ingredients like this, and, on the other hand, Ferroluce knows many tricks to transform a simple kitchen into an incomparable environment. And it is precisely the Ferroluce lamps that illuminate the kitchen of the twelfth edition of Masterchef Italia!


Ferroluce lamps and Masterchef Italia 12: the Retro collection

Why are the lamps from the Retro collection embellishing the kitchen of Masterchef Italia 12? It is undoubtedly the most iconic collection, but also the most suitable for defining the spaces of an industrial and modern kitchen such as that of Masterchef Italia 12.

The Retro collection boasts lamps with a recognizable design due to their vintage aesthetics, with a charm of the past. All of them are in ceramic, with a trompe-l’oeil and craquelé effect, antiqued details, and palettes of bright, full colours. Falsely neglected chipped effect, desired and obtained through precise technical steps for high aesthetic- and qualitative results.

And now, let’s take a closer look at the lamps chosen to bring light and definition to the Masterchef Italia kitchen.


Suspension lamp, Retro collection, industrial line, in black

Part of the Retro collection and the Industrial line, it is also one of the most popular Ferroluce customers. The lines of this suspension lamp are simple, and the design is minimalist but has an impact on the environment with its presence. The details, such as the blind fixing nuts in Corten finish, make it inimitable. The chosen colour is a shiny total black that goes well with the shelving and industrial furnishings of the kitchen. A lamp that descends downwards and illuminates spaces uniformly and with style.


Suspension lamp, Retro collection, industrial line, in red

The second lamp is still part of the Retro collection and the Industrial line but in a different, dynamic red colour. This nuance is perfect in an industrial or vintage kitchen because it enlivens spaces with the vibrant tone that characterizes it and the minimalist lines that emphasize its original design. The pendant lamp is a modern solution for illuminating even the most difficult-to-reach spaces and is especially recommended in rooms with high ceilings and open plans.


Wall lamp, Retro collection, country line, in black

The third proposal is different from the previous ones, it is still part of the Retro collection, but this time the Country line is the protagonist. It is not easy to remain unemotional in front of this wall lamp for its function, a practical solution that functionally illuminates spaces, and for its particular aesthetics. The neglected effect of the surfaces is a desired detail obtained through precise technical steps. A design that opposes luxury but harmoniously coexists with it. The chosen colour is vintage black, perfectly harmonizing with the oxidized metal.


Ferroluce Masterchef lamps: discreet and functional lighting

The lights that will define the Masterchef Italia kitchen are of two types, suspension and wall lamps. The idea is to focus on practical decor accessories that stand out for their iconic design that immediately catches the eye. They do not impact by monopolizing the environment but rather define it by becoming protagonists without distorting the arrangement of furnishings and furnishing accessories present in the spaces.

They are perfect to combine with an industrial or vintage style, but they can also be installed in simpler environments to give character to minimalist spaces, thanks to the choice of bold and full colours. Pendant lamps are suitable for illuminating spacious and open-plan environments such as contemporary open spaces, penthouses and lofts. They give light to rooms with high ceilings because the light reaches every corner of the room evenly.

As for the wall lamps, they are more suitable for functional lighting. They directly illuminate the spaces and highlight the furnishings we want to highlight. They are ideal for embellishing defined points in a room but also an environment such as a passageway. These lamps, thus, stand out just like the competitors of Masterchef Italia 12.



Schedule: SKYUNO broadcast

Production company: Endemol Shine Italia S.p.A

Selected lamps: C1690-VIN, C1690-VIR, C1447-VIN

Date: Thursday, 19 January 2023 at 9.15pm

Advertised Collection: Retrò

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