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Ferroluce lamps to illuminate the kitchen at MasterChef Italia 10

13 March 2021

It is impossible to take eyes off the delicious dishes at MasterChef Italia 10, but it is really difficult not to notice the shape and class of Ferroluce lamps. Cooking some particular food is hard work, that is true; everyone can refer to books and cooking sites looking for the most simple and detailed recipe, but the result might not always be the expected one. Cooking is a matter of method, passion and – above all – commitment. To cut short, sometimes it is a big challenge. A challenge that the competitors at MasterChef Italia 10 decided to accept; a battle between the stoves and the desired inviting dishes, in a context illuminated by the light and exclusive design of Ferroluce lamps. But who are the undoubted style-stars at the most followed cooking program on TV? Let us find out it together!

Lamps are furnishing items conveniently illuminating rooms also defining their style, above all if enhancing details with their design, colours and shapes. In the kitchen at MasterChef Italia 10, we find three iconic lamps belonging to the Retrò collection, one of the most versatile and luminous solutions with a timeless charm in Ferroluce catalogue. The lines are simple and black is the dominant colour, the elegant and classy choice. To follow, two pendant lamps and an original wall light.


Pendant lamp, Retrò collection, Industrial line

Suspension lamps are a very modern solution, suitable for furnishing dynamic and trendy environments. The kitchen at MasterChef Italia 10 has industrial furniture, and this lamp fully enhances this style. The inspiration for this lamp comes from factories and ships style. To accentuate its originality, the metal details with corten effect and the vintage colour.


Wall lamp, Retrò collection, B&W line

The B&W collection wall lamp retains a perfect balance: the total black that generates and emanates light. The surface and the absence of decorations allow placing this lamp in a rustic kitchen having a grunge soul like the one at MasterChef Italia 10. Contemporary style matching the charm of the past. The support screws convert to a precious detail, thanks to the gold finish highlighting their presence, hence their function.


Pendant lamp, Retrò collection, Industrial line

It is right its simplicity characterizing this ceramic pendant lamp. The bright black emphasizes its clean, linear shape. The surface has a plausible reproduction of the erosion of time thanks to corten effect. A full and reassuring light, perfect to illuminate the most salient moments of the show. Warm atmospheres and soft lighting, these lamps full of personality and inimitable details are the ideal furnishing accessory for a “challenge to the last dish”.

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