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Flos lights up ‘Magic Realism’ at Milan’s Palazzo Reale

22 February 2022

With exhibition design by Studio Bellini


An Italian art movement that developed between the two world wars, Magic Realism as a form of expression presents an image that is “cold, clear, often explored in minute detail, so very realistic that it inevitably shows itself as unsettling and alienating” (G. Belli and V. Terraroli). Magic Realism is also the name of the exhibition at Milan’s Palazzo Reale from 19th October 2021 to 27th February 2022, curated by Gabriella Belli and Valerio Terraroli, and promoted and produced by Comune di Milano-Cultura, Palazzo Reale and 24 ORE Cultura-Gruppo 24 ORE. The exhibition design is curated by Mario Bellini, who aims to make visitors discover this complex and fascinating artistic movement.

Flos, long-established Italian leader in the field of lighting, has skilfully illuminated the over eighty masterpieces on display through clever employment and control of diffuse and direct light. Camera, an innovative collection of track-mounted projectors designed by Knud Holscher for Flos Architectural, has been used here in white version to achieve an effect that wows the visitor. With its minimal and compact design, Camera guarantees exceptional control of light quality, including extreme cut-off angles, without sacrificing high efficiency and product versatility, and is ideal for providing direct beams of light as well as diffuse light. The projector hosts an exclusive patented optic system, which features multiple beam angles specially created for maximum glare control.

The optical range includes five different beam widths, each developed for a specific application. Camera also features an innovative dual-focus silicone lens, specifically developed by Flos, that guarantees excellent heat resistance and the utmost precision in high-intensity beams. Two different types of Camera projectors have been used at Palazzo Reale for even more effective performance. Camera 60 Super Spot projectors create spotlight focus on artworks. The advanced technology of these products, featuring silicone lens with cutting-edge 9º optics, guarantees an exceptionally clean beam of light and, most importantly, incredible visual comfort that really helps colours stand out beautifully.

Camera 60 Flood projectors, meanwhile, feature 33º optics to create a magical effect that adds a soft light to backdrops so the artworks really stand out when illuminated. The advanced LED technology of these projectors makes optimal light control possible so as not to damage the art on display. The light for this project has been adjusted by means of a dedicated app based on the Casambi technology, which allowed remote control via Bluetooth of the projectors in the eight exhibition halls. By joining forces, Flos and Casambi have made the job of light control easier, taking a step forward in the world of museum lighting.

To celebrate the historic collaboration between architect Mario Bellini and Flos, the temporary bookshop of the exhibition is also presenting an original installation of Chiara, the iconic floor lamp that Bellini designed for Flos in 1969 and that was re-edited by Flos in 2020 to incorporate LED technology. This unique design consists of a sheet of polished stainless steel that has been cut and rolled in on itself to form a cylinder. The light it provides is reflected and diffused by a magnificent hat reminiscent of a nun’s wimple and veil. Even when it’s off, this lamp stands out with its strong, charismatic identity. The 2020 reissue of Chiara features new cutting-edge technological detail, such as moulded rubber edging, and comes as a classic floor lamp in stainless steel and also as a new smaller table lamp in aluminium, available in three finishes: aluminium, dark grey or pink gold.



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