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Functionality and high performance: Trasformabili Atim, equipped with components in hq materials

16 October 2023

Designing the kitchen is an art that requires creativity and taste but also a delicate evaluation of components and materials, enhancing it in performance, practicality and aesthetics. Taking it into consideration, Atim has enriched its line of Trasformabili systems with models now supplied already equipped with exclusive shelves, containers and accessories.

The new products, ready to install and made with quality materials and finishes, have been designed to satisfy furniture professionals looking for ingenious and sophisticated solutions: you can choose between different systems that optimize the use of spaces and increase the work surface as needed. Versatile solutions that can create unique atmospheres and revolutionise the way of experiencing the kitchen.


High technical and aesthetic performance

This selection combines the high-performance technology of the Trasformabili Atim systems, rigorously made of aluminium, with the design with quality materials, which enhance the kitchen environment with practicality and elegance. Wood, stainless steel and stoneware make up the furnishing accessories, such as worktops, cutting boards and drawers for utensils. Lightweight, versatile, and long-lasting materials that – combined with the lightness and resistance of the exclusive Atim aluminium guides – increase functionality and enhance the design of the furniture. Furthermore, from an aesthetic point of view, they can easily be integrated with other existing finishes, offering a wide range of options.


Selected solutions

Among the Trasformabili equipped with components and ready to install, there are some of the most ingenious solutions in the collection: Cook, multifunctional which integrates a cutlery drawer, cutting board and snack table, made of beech, in a single retractable system that remains inside a standard drawer compartment; the award-winning Universal Box, extractable shelf with drawer, ideal for organizing and using small appliances in columns; the elegant Oplà Folding, now with new tops in Wood, Grès and Stainless Steel, created to expand the work surfaces with a sophisticated extractable top that is positioned flush with the fixed shelf.


You can learn more about the Atim Trasformabili range on the company website or by visiting stands A28 and A35 at SICAM in Pordenone.



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