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Giada System, the technology of simple emotions

12 October 2023

Technology evolves and changes more and more rapidly, updating itself, adapting to speed and responding to contemporary complexity by simplifying processes. The lighting of places, from the domestic to the public, is no longer just a functional fact but becomes narrative and emotional. Whoever designs the light wants to provide the customer, whoever they may be, with a service and a new idea of context where to fully experience simple but satisfying emotions, such as returning home, going to a restaurant or visiting an exhibition. Now Giada System changes and revises the firmware of its protocol, creating a new updated one following the evolutions of the world of lighting. The foundations for subsequent developments already exist in the new Giada module, a continuously evolving work in progress.

The current firmware allows you to see all modules and lamps on the same layer. The new one will present multiple levels. Each level displays a single lamp or a group. This update will make it possible to group lamps, systems, and upgrades belonging to the same layer. It will hence be possible to have different parallel levels coexist and govern them independently. Furthermore, it will be possible to add and integrate other products. The new firmware will allow different levels to be produced depending on the technology used to manage the sources, such as a Wi-Fi level, which can be associated with multiple lamps, or a DALI level with the same mode.

The Giada System App improves and expands in ways that go beyond the domestic sphere, leading to uses and directives also suitable for public or technical purposes. This evolution will allow individual light points to be seen as groups, transforming them into a mesh network that will self-learn where they come from, where the various commands will have to branch and who will send them. The Venetian company has set itself a very ambitious goal: to give the lamps a sort of awareness, or conscience, that they belong to a specific group. Every command given to a module or lamp can be immediately transferred to the other ones.

In this innovative module it will be possible to design advanced systems that will learn through their own use. The sensors, buttons and accessories inserted into the light bodies will be able to manage different complexities and provide adequate solutions. The traditional domestic systems can be fully controlled wireless, and everything will be simple and immediate.


Giada System

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