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Globi; Spheres of dazzling whiteness, very luminous, even when switched off

5 September 2022

F.B.A.I. Fonderia Bronzi Artistici Italia


Spheres of dazzling whiteness, thanks to the excellent quality of the porcelain: very luminous, even when switched off. Freely arranged in infinite combinations, they add a suggestive and spectacular impact to any type of environment. At the decorative stage, the craftsmanship of the F.B.A.I. artisans comes into play, with the hand-crafting of each piece. It is precisely for this reason that no model is ever identical to another, but always the result of a handwork and inspiration in their own right. The “great fire” lends then unparalleled texture and beauty to these objects.

F.B.A.I. follows age-old crafting criteria, for a porcelain that is qualitatively identical to that of the Eighteenth century. Single pendant lamps with fine porcelain spheres, available in three sizes, closed or open, without ceiling rose, complete with 7W G9 LED bulb. To be combined with ceiling roses or for multiple combinations. Ceiling roses and accessories for off-centring are to be ordered separately.



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