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Green Lighting

12 October 2023

Refond outdoor high-efficiency lighting solutions


With the gradual promotion of green lighting, LED technology, as the most advantageous and energy efficient lighting product, has become a key focus for energy saving lighting worldwide. This step allowed to develop projects with low environmental impact. The public sector, along with the industrial and mining sectors, has seen an increase in demand for high-brightness, high-power LED equipment.

The technological challenge for LED manufacturers is to find a balance between the high efficiency, stability, heat dissipation and weight volume of the LED itself.


Refond’s high-efficiency outdoor lighting: quality and stability

The complexity of outdoor environments requires LED light sources with high reliability requirements. Thanks to its experience in the sector, Refond leveraged its expertise to meet the outdoor lighting requirements through a strategy of three elements: LED + modules + custom applications. PCT, EMC, and Ceramic series offer performance and quality comparable to international top tier brands. They cover a full range of power ratings from 0.2 to 15 watts, offering low energy consumption and high efficiency with a reduced emission surface. The excellent luminous flux and resistance to sulphur make them the ideal solution for challenging outdoor environments (e.g.: industrial lighting, street lighting, etc).


EMC: characteristics and applications

The LED component, the bracket and among high-power LEDs available on the market, the white light EMC series represents one of the most suitable alternatives in outdoor lighting. Due to their very structure, EMC products have high resistance to heat and UV rays. The EMC (Expoxy Moulding Compound) frame has the advantage of withstanding high currents. On the market, Refond is one of the first manufacturers of EMC frames capable of guaranteeing high quality levels, with a production capacity that ranks among the top in China.


Here are some interesting LED specifications:

– Full range of package powers from 0.2W to 11W

– Outstanding luminous flux, with a maximum efficiency of 253lm/w for single 3030 LED chips; 2100lm output for single 7070 LED chips

– Passed LM-80 tests, L70 life > 100,000 hours, L90 life > 54,000 hours

– IPSL coating technology for high sulfurization resistance

– High temperature resistance, minimum thermal resistance < 1.8°C/W

– Customizable solutions for different voltage applications


Thanks to the remarkable resistance to UV rays, EMC products can be applied both to high-end indoor lighting and outdoor lighting, in order to reduce the costs of the final product. Street and industrial lighting, tunnel or stadium lights are just some of the possible application scenarios. Based on excellence and quality, Refond’s EMC series can achieve customized production to meet the demands of various application scenarios.


Anti Sulphuration Process (IPSL)

Refond Optoelectronics has innovatively introduced Anti Sulphuration Process (IPSL) technology. This technology involves a vapor deposition process that coats the surface of the LED with a dense inorganic layer, improving the hermeticity of the product. The high resistance of the LED to polysulphides prolongs its life. Currently, Refond’s IPSL technology is tested and therefore reliable.


A green future: innovation and creativity

Refond’s research into improving the quality and efficiency of its products has been committed to enhance quality of light sourcing. In the field of outdoor lighting applications, Refond promotes high efficiency and power LEDs to concretely respond to the needs of the Italian market. For the future, Refond Optoelectronics will continue to develop new technologies, focusing on perfecting solutions dedicated to individual applications (LED device + module + dedicated solution).


Refond Optoelectronics

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