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Gustave by Flos, Vincent Van Duysen’s designed lamp was conceived to the hospitality business

20 February 2023

This Vincent Van Duysen’s designed lamp was conceived with specific attention to the hospitality business, as it is made clear from the name: Gustave. Gustave is, in fact, the Monsieur Gustave H., the famous concierge of a mountainside resort in the make-believe country of Zubrowka interpreted in Wes Anderson’s masterpiece – and one of Van Duysen’s favorite movies – Grand Budapest Hotel. With Gustave, Vincent Van Duysen taps into the proprietary lighting technology that allowed for the creation of his best-seller Oblique to develop a new lamp, specifically conceived for the horeca and hotellerie markets.

Thanks to this technology, Gustave emits an extremely bright beam of light that falls “obliquely” from the head of the lamp onto the lit surface and stretches all around with a 360 degrees effect. This is due to an ingenious combinaton of LEDs and a patented lense: the unique positioning of the lense and its knurling sends the light diagonally, thus maximizing the effect while minimizing the emission (hence the consumption).

Despite its small size, thanks to the particular lighting diffusion technology (built on a particular study of micro-geometries) Gustave perfectly enlightens a wide surface stretching up to a meter and forming a ring with a shady center: the perfect situation for a set dining table. In essence, Gustave guarantees an excellent comfort, no glare, homogeneity in light distribution and extremely high performance in terms of lux.

Gustave is a rechargeable, water-proof cordless lamp, suitable for in and outdoor use and obviously movable. It is available in two models: Residential and Hospitality. Next to the plug-and-recharge version for residential use, equipped with integrated micro-USB-C charging battery, the specifical horeca design offers the possibility to use two sets of rechargeable Li-Ion battery packs: an extra value provided to the restaurant or hotel owner who, in case of a full house, will not need to purchase a double amount of lamps (one in use, one in recharge) but, rather, to simply re-charge the second set of batteries while the lamp is in use.


Technical Features

Materials: die cast aluminium, methacrylate

Power: 2.3W (Hospitality) / 2.5W (Residential)

Lighting Source: LED Array DC60 mA 221lm 2700K* / 235lm 3000K** CRI90

USB-C connection integrated (Residential) / rechargeable batteries (Hospitality)

LED indicator displays autonomy and, on the Residential model only, provides charging information. Capacitive touch button: on, off and dimming.

Finishes: Polished Silver, Matte Anthracite, Lacquered Brown, Titan Blue, Lacquered Green, Raw Aluminum, Matte White

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