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“HettichXperiencedays” 2021 kicks off in March

31 March 2021

Mid March kick off: countdown begins for “HettichXperiencedays” world launch. For the first time in a brand new, hybrid format, 2021 sees Hettich present new ideas and concepts for the key megatrends of urbanisation, inidvidualisation and new work. Interested trade visitors can now preregister online at the new web portal.

The key megatrends are now pointing the way: 2021 is seeing Hettich present more in the way of design, functionality and user convenience with refreshing, creative solutions for spaces large and small, for flexibility in urban living on a small footprint, for new work and home working, for shops and hotels, and also for outdoor living. This makes manufacturers, tradespeople and retailers the first to discover every solution to give them what it’ll take to address the changing needs of their clientele.


Full Xdays power for registered trade visitors only

Organised as a hybrid event, “HettichXperiencedays” will be on for several weeks from mid March, offering an all embracing programme with a host of services, both online and offline – all available around the clock and across the globe. Wherever Hettich’s operating bases allow, trade visitors can immerse in a showroom, whisking them away to furniture worlds of every kind. The necessary hygiene and safety concepts will, of course, be in place at all times.

Yet partners and customers prevented by the pandemic situation to experience our showrooms in person needn’t miss out on any of the top action either: if they wish, they can experience all aspects and highlights on the HettichXperiencedays digital portal. Anyone registering online as a trade visitor is given exclusive access to the entire lineup in six languages: available free of charge and around the clock, offers a wealth of information, media content and services along with digital tools that also extend an invitation to embark on any individually tailored virtual exploration.

The HettichXperiencedays platform also lets registered users plan their own event attendance in any way and take part in live events, such as presentations and workshops, on a virtual basis.


Let’s move markets!

This year, HettichXperiencedays 2021 invites all partners and customers worldwide to join hands and move markets with new solutions for furniture worlds of all different kinds. Launching online registration, Hettich is opening the initial “digital door” to all inquisitive visitors. Needless to say, is not spilling all the beans right now – just this much: when HettichXperiencedays opens its doors mid March, Hettich is set to steal the show as a global innovator.

Hettich will be taking part in this year’s Interzum on a purely digital basis within the scope of “Interzum@home”.



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