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Hole by Rossini: powerful, versatile and efficient

18 December 2021

Apparently a simple LED projector, in fact a truly multipurpose lighting fixture, capable of transforming itself into the perfect solution for many situations


HOLE is a round-shaped LED projector with integrated power supply, applicable in the stand alone version to the wall and ceiling using a special base, but can also be installed on a track, whether they are the most minimal Yugen or Yaki (powered at 42v and 48v and with a practical magnetic coupling), than the more versatile three-phase Groove or Yen. With its fluid and compact design, the precious and particular finishes of the ring, proposed in the colors of white, black, chrome, gold, bronze and copper, Hole is a truly versatile product and represents an excellent solution from a technical point of view, as well as, of great aesthetic effect.

The Hole version applied to the Yaki and Yugen magnetic tracks also makes the most of the practicality of the magnetic coupling (the projector is inserted onto the track by simply pressing it) and at the same time the decorative aspect of the product and the minimal line of the track (both very thin, with a section of only 7mm in the case of Yugen, comparable to the width of a pencil).

In the Stand Alone version, however, Hole fits perfectly into a residential context. Applied to the wall or ceiling, thanks to its adjustability and inclination, it allows you to give light to details of the furniture and the environment in which it is installed, with a high light output that does not forget visual comfort. In short, a highly versatile product, which perfectly combines high LED technology and design, becoming a discreet piece of furniture that knows how to get noticed. The light is pleasant and glare-free, the color rendering is excellent (CRI ≥90) and this makes HOLE an excellent product for retail environments, museum and sacred spaces, especially in the practical track version. With careful adjustment, it is able to enhance and highlight, for example, the peculiar characteristics of a work of art or the outfit of the moment.



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