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Hospitality Design Conference in Milan

6 May 2024

The event dedicated to Design and Contract in the hospitality industry


Hospitality Design Conference is the in-depth and networking event dedicated to design and contract, with special focus on the hospitality industry, an opportunity to discover ideas and solutions for hotel design and renovation, and to learn about trends and the evolution of design in Italy. Organized by Teamwork Hospitality, a hotel consulting and training company in Rimini, Hospitality Design Conference is taking place on Wednesday, May 8th, 2024, at Melià Hotel in Milan. Recent years have been profound transformations in in the hospitality industry.

Industry players are moving towards offering innovative and sustainable hospitality, as well as effective solutions, to enhance the quality of guests’ experience. Hospitality Design Conference represents a unique in-depth event, to discover the best solutions for design and renovation in the hotel industry and to learn about design trends that will take influence in the near future, focusing on aesthetic but also on the efficient and functional use of spaces. Renowned brands and experienced national and international hoteliers, leading designers, consultants and architects specialized in both hotel and non-hotel facilities will share their acknowledge, perspectives and sustainable concepts, for the development of a new successful business. The Conference is a full day dedicated to investors, directors, entrepreneurs, builders, designers and industry developers. An opportunity to learn about the successful factors that will characterize the hotel industry, to network, to share ideas with the best furniture and contract companies specialized in hospitality market.

An intensive seminar program will cover numerous topics, from future trends to tailor-made solutions, from technology to sustainability. There will be insights into the luxury experience, storytelling, the new frontiers of hospitality, the factors that will most influence the hotel industry for Generation Z, as well as discussions between architects and hoteliers.


The topics in details:

  • The critical and success factors in the Italian hotel industry – Strengths and weaknesses of the Italian hotel industry, aspects to invest in, those to improve and refine.
  • Hotel design trends – Customers have new demands and needs: how does the hotelier prepare to satisfy them? The best theses on the future of hotel design and trends.
  • The new hotel generation around the world – the most innovative concepts, the features of the new generation of hotels, told by the brand managers of the most important groups.
  • The projects and its management – How to design a successful hotel? Which professionals to involve? How to define the budget?
  • Functional layout and efficient budget cost – A hotel project must be carefully planned, starting with the functionality of the spaces while respecting the available budget.
  • Designer stories – Italian and international architects specializing in the hotel industry will share their views on hotel design, presenting successful case studies.


At Hospitality Design Conference round tables discussions and seminars will alternate with debates and networking sessions, providing a full day of education and networking opportunities.

Patron Partner of the event LEMA. 




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