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Icons of light

19 February 2024

Light enhances our lives, reveals the shapes and colours around us, stimulating emotions and feelings”. That describes what light represents for Cini&Nils. 


This is the manifesto phrase that describes what light represents for Cini&Nils: an inspiration, an opportunity to intensely experience emotions and sensations, an enormous potential to call attention to the dynamism of life and all its atmospheres.

The first “encounter” with light for Franco Bettonica and Mario Melocchi was Cuboluce, a cult object created in 1972. A jewel box in which light is stored like a treasure: it is switched on by lifting the lid, releasing all its extraordinary power. The concept is simple, but the effect is truly stunning: from the geometric perfection of the cube, composed and solid, light radiates into the surroundings, illuminates the volumes, playing with the shadows it has created. A timeless classic, like any self-respecting icon. Cuboluce is the turning point, the missing link between Cini&Nils’s previous activity and its debut in the lighting sector, and the ancestor of a new generation of products.

The Cuboluce is followed by Gradi, whose light fitting consists of a very small enamelled glass cylinder and Tenso, the first 230V cable-mounted system. Research, design, technology and attention to new materials remain the trademarks of Cini&Nils, which over time has established itself in decorative and high-end lighting.

Acqua, Manhattanhenge, Ognidove: striking names for the Cini&Nils creations that have come to life in the new millennium. High-end decorative lamps, yet even before that, true design projects interconnected to the most popular smart devices. Today, variable lighting scenarios and wireless interactions are part of the new everyday life that Cini&Nils offers. In Acqua, the lightness of the lines transcends the physicality of the material and the light fitting converses with the surrounding space in an almost ethereal suspension. Creativity, research and design distinguish the work of Cini&Nils also in recent times: among the creations we find Manhattanhenge, which captures and renders the splendour of a sunset amongst the skyscrapers of New York; Ognidove which brings together a light source and a vase, multiplying the atmospheric and decorative effect. These are some examples of the products created by Cini&Nils that are able to transform light into pure beauty.



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