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If it doesn’t exist, RIMANI creates it for you

26 February 2024

Innovative lighting solutions, designed and manufactured in Italy

ITALIAN LIGHTING met RIMANI, gathering the privileged point of view of Carlo Albano thanks to his forty years of entrepreneurial experience in the lighting sector



Carlo Albano‘s entrepreneurial story begins with a path undertaken with passion and determination, characterized by constant commitment to pursuit of perfection and offer hi-quality products: “We first of all listen to the client, to then design and create something that can last for years. RIMANI has always worked at the service of the designer, to guarantee the most suitable result for the client.” Leveraging these solid foundations and its deep roots, in just under a decade the company has positioned itself at the forefront in the “smart” use of light, with the aim of improving people’s lives, highlighting the beauty. A particular ability to actively listen to the architects and designers was the modus operandi chosen to give a new and real added value, contributing to the purpose of the project with increasingly innovative products.


A constant investment in research and development, always with a “SMART” focus

With is vast experience, his visions and insights, Carlo Albano shaped RIMANI as a new chapter in the history of lighting systems, a harmonious union between form and function, where light could become a fundamental protagonist in people’s daily lives. The real starting point is the ability to have constantly updated know-how, in particular on electronics, IT and home automation. Specialized in the design and creation of innovative lighting solutions, the name of the new company RIMANI literally contains a manifesto of development intentions and purposes, that is, “putting our hands back on the product“.


Starting from “custom made”: innovative lighting solutions, designed and manufactured in Italy

This is the answer to respond to every request, combining experience with innovation. “This was the continuous request that I perceived from my past contacts on the lighting market. Solve problems and make available everything that manufacturing companies are normally unable to offer today.” It is only following this work philosophy that over the years it has been possible to include some products in the catalogue: “A catalog that is constantly updated especially starting from June 2022 thanks to a new online platform that we use to convey all the technical information, updates to stimulate interaction with our interlocutors more generally: designers and clients“. Customization interpreted through three dimensions: the adaptation of standardized product, reconfigured to fit a specific project; customization understood in the purest form as developed and designed taylored to architectural firms or designers, and lastly customization in terms of the exstensive array of colors and finishis available

RIMANI develops its products for projects intended for every type of environment, working mainly in three sectors: Creative Lighting Solutions, Healthcare Lighting and finally Horticultural Lighting.

In the realm of Creative Lighting Solutions, RIMANI creates lighting systems with very high technological standards, especially in the museum sector, used since the beginning as a trailblazer also for other areas of work such as Retail and Hospitality up to cult and religious environments of which the Italian heritage particularly abundant.

In the Healthcare Lighting sector, RIMANI has set itself the primary objective of people’s well-being. With the motto “The quality of light is quality of life“, RIMANI has extended its range of action within hospitals, healthcare residences and RSAs. Aseptic environments with a cold atmosphere have always represented the incentive for RIMANI to develop products that bring a sense of warmth and hospitality to these environments. Tailored and appropriate lighting can in fact help speed up treatment processes by supporting the circadian rhythms that regulate the body, with a consequent increase in individual comfort.

In the Horticultural Lighting sector, RIMANI has finally focused on the design of specific lighting for plants, thanks to intense applied research work. Specific, always cutting-edge studies combined with in-depth knowledge of LED technology for the development of systems that contribute to the maintenance and growth of different types of plants, today with particular attention to vertical greene for indoor.


Not simply a “catalogue” but the systematic interpretation of the most significant trends in the lighting sector

Looking closely at a company like RIMANI, talking about a “catalogue” is not simple but above all it is never banal. Customization, finishes, modifications to the product, “It’s not just a matter of choosing the “color” or making the lighting body longer, wider or narrower,” explains Carlo Albano, “our goal is to keep the bar high always going to the heart of the product”. Hence the particular attention to optical groups: “we were among the first in Europe and still among the few to use particular magnetic lenses with particular appeal specifically for the museum sector“.

Keeping this point in mind, the rest is just a “commercial” problem. For example, Retail has allowed the progressive development of both indoor and outdoor products, thanks to which RIMANI has also entered the architectural lighting sector. Other paradigms that have guided this path of company development have been the sustainability of the products, research aimed at their miniaturization, attention to the electronic and control part and today also their autonomy understood in the sense of the development of devices that do not have to constantly use mains energy. And to cite another example: “we are doing research on the treatments of materials to make them attractive and camouflageable, such as for wood-like textures starting from aluminium. This works perfectly in the hospital sector, to avoid too aseptic and cold environments.”


RIMANI’s corporate DNA: the ability to transfer technical solutions into the project

Flexibility of approach and great open-mindedness allows the company to range across even very particular differentiated application fields, from “industrial”, to architectural or reuse. A concept that was created for example for the National Gallery of Perugia (Italy) where “we created devices to replace old discharge lamps to obtain significant savings for the museum management. With the advancement of technology, just over a year ago, the old devices were regenerated and today it is possible to control them (positioned six meters high) with a remote control thanks to the CASAMBI system, simple to use and interfaceable with other types of control environmental such as presence detection and turning off rooms when there is no audience. Over the course of the week this resulted in a further 30% cost saving.”

Among the first works were those carried out in Venice for Ca’ Rezzonico, where very different lighting fixtures were used to respect the constraints of the Superintendence, guaranteeing an always optimal solution that respected the particular value of the context. More recent, however, are the works carried out at the Libeskind Tower, and in a Mall near Verona, made possible thanks to the skills and know-how gradually refined by the internal research and development team.



Torre Libeskind: CityLife, Milan Longitudinal Studio Bianchi-Rossi, Alessandra Magister

National Gallery of Umbria: Perugia Solar 100, Solar 100 compact, Solar 60, Solar 60 wall RIMANI, Alessandra Magister

Royal Palace of Genoa: Solar 60, Architect Giovanni Tironi, Alessandra Magister

Ca’ Rezzonico – Martini and Portego collection of paintings, Venice Solar60 Wall, Solar100, Arch. Eva Balestreri, Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia, Alessandra Magister



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