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19 February 2024

REFOND to Light + Building 2024


Energy efficiency, sustainability, safety and well-being are fundamental themes of Lighting Design. During Light+Building 2024 in Frankfurt, Refond presents the new products developed for contemporary lighting design: LEDs for HCL lighting, LED modules, LEDs for horticulture, high efficiency LEDs (KSF) and for external lighting.


Smart City and intelligent lighting

Smart Cities are a continuously evolving process at the base of which technological innovation meets the concept of well-being. Within these projects, street lamps and light points have a central role both in the development of the remote control network (IOT) and in the creation of safe, livable and sustainable environments. In urban and street lighting contexts today, LED offers numerous advantages compared to previous technologies: energy saving, a longer life cycle, the possibility of designing ad hoc scenarios, flexibility and quality of light.

The economic advantage and reduced environmental impact of this technology are truly significant. The possibility of remote control allows real-time programming and supervision of consumption and faults. In recent years Refond has invested significantly in the research of high-efficiency LEDs for outdoors. The PCT 3030, EMC 3030 and EMC 5050 series are designed for the development of outdoor lighting projects. Among the advantages of these products are high efficiency, compliance with ZHAGA standards, the quality of the EMC chassis combined with a Sanan chip, high resistance to UV rays and the sulfurization process (IPSL) with KSF insulation.


HCL lighting and well-being

Artificial light not only allows you to have a good vision within an environment, but has an important effect on the cognitive, emotional and biological functions of an individual and Human Centric Lighting is a type of lighting that takes the impact into account that light has on man. Studies and science teach that a person’s mood, stress, concentration or productivity improve when lighting is specifically designed. Refond LEDs are designed for HCL lighting projects to encourage the development of environments that put people’s well-being at the centre. Offices, schools, public places, museums, hospitals, nursing homes, homes, every area requires tailor-made lighting.

To protect visual health and create healthy and functional environments, Refond has developed photobiological LED solutions with blue light protection (RG0), CRI≥95, CCT 2700~6500K, dimmable. Flexibility, uniformity, precision and quality of light are essential parameters when talking about HCL and well-being. The future? Certainly the timely development of HCL lighting integrated with Smart technology.


LED modules for horticulture

The LED horticultural lighting sector is also continually expanding and growing. To date, the advantages of this technology are countless: depending on the cultivation project, you can choose integrative or integral lighting. In horticulture, the use of an LED light source allows precise control of the maturation phases of a plant and a significant reduction in energy costs. The possibility of selecting the structure of the spectrum, the intensity and the photoperiod of the light allows you to create ad hoc projects respecting the structure of the plant and its characteristics.

Refond has been developing and producing LED modules for horticulture for over twenty years. Thanks to the use of LED modules it is possible to recreate complete lighting (CCT 1,800~6,500K), guaranteeing your plantation all the necessary spectrum selections depending on the life cycle. Each LED with specific wavelengths stimulates a growth phase of a specific plant. The most used wavelengths, recognized as most effective, range from 440nm to 740nm and have light colors from red to blue and white.


Lighting, a commitment to well-being

Light is an integral part of our daily life and our well-being. Smart City, intelligent lighting, HCL and for horticulture are not an end, but certainly a means to improve the quality of our lives and the environments in which we live. Every lighting project cannot ignore this awareness. The development of intelligent lighting increasingly requires the search for high-performance, updated LED solutions with homologable and standardized parameters. A commitment that Refond has believed in for years now.


The Refond and Refond Italy team will be present from 3 to 8 March at Light+Building 2024, Booth F70, Hall 8.0.


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