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Immersion solutions and underwater spotlights

6 May 2024

Linea Light group’s novelties 2024


Linea Light Group showcased two new immersion samples at Light + Building 2024: Nautilus and Rubber 3D PROtection. Linea Light Group’s underwater lamps and spotlights are the perfect solutions for creating light scenarios in the lighting of swimming pools, fountains, ponds, and landscape designs, thanks to their high protection degree and powerful resistance to salinity and chemical agents. The pioneer in LED lighting produces professional and energy-efficient underwater solutions with a wide range of optics, temperatures, and RGB LED sources for even more spectacular light. In addition, on the occasion of the most relevant lighting fair in the sector, Linea Light Group installed a swimming pool at the innovative 100% sustainable stand to provide guests with a live demonstration of the new “underwater” lighting technologies.

Rubber 3D PROtection is a strip LED suitable for permanent installations in environments such as swimming pools, fountains, vertical waterfalls and modern showers up to 3 meters submerged. In addition, the watertight power cord withstands water pressure. At a 5-meter length, the cable allows locating the power unit separately, aiding the installer and facilitating subsequent maintenance and/or replacement. Once installed in swimming pools or other environments that require periodic cleaning using a pressure washer, Rubber PROtection resists jets of hot water and pressures directed directly at the product without needing to be removed. A considerable advantage that makes it possible to avoid maintenance operations – otherwise mandatory – and to be repeated over time.

On the other hand, Nautilus is an innovative flush-mounted and submersible solution in IP68, ideal for creating striking underwater scenes. Thanks to the AISI 316L stainless steel fixing flange, the watertight housing allows for the wall or floor positioning. The particular structure gives the projector a resistance capacity of up to a depth of 25 meters. Nautilus has an essential design defined by a rigorous electro-polished steel frame that can be flat, convex or flared. The flat frame is ideal for structures with tile or mosaic cladding. The convex frame is optimal for structures having a waterproofing coating. Finally, the flared frame is suitable for surface mounting. The extra-clear tempered glass diffuser with a white screen-printed edge makes the immersion luminaire almost invisible underwater. Among the plus points is the worth-mentioning one called the “Anti-Spiration” system, which protects against infiltration. All the standards have white sources in 3000K, 4000K or RGBW to create surprising scenarios.


Linea Light

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