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In his first project for Flos, Philippe Malouin designs a poetic lamp, built on natural gestures

13 December 2023

Bilboquet, simple in appearance but full of personality


Bilboquet is a table lamp by Canadian designer Philippe Malouin.

The lamp consists of two-coloured cylinders connected by a magnetic sphere that acts as a joint and allows the upper cylinder to rotate, directing the flow of light. All the elements that compose it are inspired by the bilboquet, a game born in France in the 16th century, to which the Malouin lamp owes its name.

With Bilboquet, Malouin transforms the use of light by evoking a playful experience and using it to create a balance of shapes, materials and colours. In this search for an emotional bond, in its formal clarity and visual uniqueness, lies the entire design poetics of Malouin, a designer who has always pursued simplicity (of production, assembly and aesthetics) and durability as key elements of good design. The playful aspect of Bilboquet is also central in the choice of the three-color palette, sage, tomato and linen, which characterize not only the body of the lamp, but also the cable and plug, resulting in a body with consistent aesthetics.

Bilboquet’s sustainability is expressed through its innovative material, outstanding design and manufacturing qualities. Bilboquet complies with the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) protocol under the European Community’s Renewable Energy Directive (RED). The entire life cycle of Bilboquet, from the source of the raw materials to their disposal, is defined according to rigorous criteria set by the ISO standards for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). This is possible because even if you do not see a single screw, Bilboquet has no glued parts. The absence of adhesives has several advantages. First of all, the customer can directly carry out replacement of the LED bulb, ensuring a long casting life for the lamp. Secondly, Bilboquet can be disassembled in all its components, and each part can be properly recycled depending on the material. Finally, the lamp features a super-compact packaging. Shipping and storage volumes are reduced to a minimum as the product is decomposed within the packaging, offering users a simple and fun assembly experience.


“Bilboquet is an adjustable table lamp that allows you to direct light in a playful yet precise manner. Taking cues from magnetic ball joints, Bilboquet offers a full range of movement for a variety of functions. Whether used as a task light on a desk, or to provide a soft glow against a wall, or directed at a good book, Bilboquet shines light where it is needed.” – Philippe Malouin


Technical features

Materials: sustainable polycarbonate, iron

Power: 7.5W

Voltage: 220-240V

Light Source: GU10 Led bulb – cable integrated switch

Finishes: sage, linen, tomato


Ph Pablo di Prima

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