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Inoxa’s proposals for the kitchen. Multiple solutions for modular furniture units

23 May 2024

Inoxa’s range of products for the kitchen industry comprises a multitude of solutions covering all existing modular furniture units, which take into account the needs of a diverse range of clients with their own target market. In fact, not only does Inoxa develop mass-produced consumer goods, but it is also able to take on both targeted and custom projects, where customer satisfaction is a priority and the pursuit of functionality and design is the common denominator.

The objective of growth and the pursuit of continuous improvement are confirmed by the inclusion in the catalogue of the HYPER series, IKONA and lastly the MURANO series, which follow the market trend and at the same time represent the top of the quality range.

Inoxa does not stop at just kitchen products, but has also extended its range of articles to the bedroom (IPNOS collection) and bathroom (ZENITH collection).

The IPNOS series contains solutions for furnishing wardrobes with proposals such as trouser racks, shoe racks, object racks and laundry baskets. The articles are available in either painted metal or wire. Both versions are mounted on adjustable and pull-out frames with Grass or Salice guides.

The ZENITH articles for the bathroom include laundry racks, shoe racks and quilted bags for the various furniture modules; for these products too, Inoxa uses tried-and-tested soft-closing handling systems such as Grass and Salice.



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