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Interview to Dr Jörg Söllner, Care222® Project Manager

5 September 2022

USHIO Care 222® technology successfully blocks harmful band


The module kills bacteria and inactivates viruses without damaging human cells/tissues using narrow -band spectrum UV (world-wide exclusive licence from Columbia University). No skill damage, no eye damage, moreover, computer modelling indicates dramatically less DNA damage from UV-C Krypton-chloride lamps (222 nm) from sun light exposure.


Many questions were received during the presentation, thanks to the presence of companies already active in the sector.

“Would you recommend a continued use of the lamp or, according to distances and the proper positioning of the module, would it be better to introduce some usage discontinuity? (Guido Catani, C LED)

“The best way is to do cycles: typically, 10 seconds ON and 15 seconds OFF. This is also to preserve the use of each module”.

“How long does it take for the lamp to completely wipe out all the bacteria or viruses?  (Sergio Macchioni, HIKARI)

“It takes time, of course, and it has been calculated thanks to some simulation programs for the set-up of the lamps and the intensities on the surfaces: it is possible to calculate how quickly or how or how long it takes to eliminate the bacterial or virological load. It all depends on whether the goal is 99.9% or 99.99%. Depending on the objective, the algorithm allows the calculation of time. Nothing for granted, but we have the numbers to prove the validity of the product”.


Moderator: Ennio Tasciotti

Dr. Ennio Tasciotti is the Founder and Director of the Human Longevity Program of the IRCCS San Raffaele and a Biotechnology Professor at the San Raffaele University. Previously he operated as the Chairman of the Department of Nanomedicine (18 faculties, 12 admin staff, 120 researchers) and as Founder and Director of the Center for Biomimetic Medicine at the Houston Methodist Research Institute


Dr. Jörg Söllner studied Physics at the University of Aachen, Germany, Ph.D. in Semiconductor Technology Doctoral thesis on the epitaxial growth of semiconductor hetero-structures for blue LEDs and laser diodes. Technical consultation for customers on how and where to use Care222® lights and contact person during the Sales and Contract Finalization processes

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