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Ivars launches X.Pro, the model that’s set to revolutionise the market

23 June 2022

“Our work makes yours better”


Ivars restarts and kicks off the year with a product which represents a ground-breaking innovation within the seating and components market. It’s called X.Pro, and it’s set to mark a new course for the future of Ivars and its business. X.Pro is the culmination of a greater work by R&D team of this Brescia-based (Italy) company which, in recent years, has enjoyed growing prominence within the industry thanks to its technical innovation, engineering expertise, and aesthetic originality. This model is intended for exclusive business environments and represents a revolutionary “new approach” to designing work seating. X.Pro is a strategic business decision and a bold statement of #restart: it’s the result of an exclusive patent called AMS – “active motion system” (patent pending). This allows the vertical height and depth of backrest to be adjusted to conform to the shape of the user’s back.

At the heart of this device is the back bar, whose adaptive possibilities ensure outstanding comfort. In fact, once the backrest has been set to the ideal comfort position, it doesn’t remain rigid but adapts actively to a user’s movements, ensuring optimal comfort, but more importantly, ensuring relaxed muscles and perfect posture over time. The user can fine-tune the backrest with ease: once posture is personalised, it can be locked and unlocked by means of a special button on the back bar. Adjustments are very easy, safe and intuitive: all elements of X.Pro have been designed to prevent any risk when adjusting the backrest.

For those who spend many hours a day seated at a desk, whether in the workplace or smart working in a home studio, having an adaptive backrest thus represents a simple but effective solution to prevent back stress, muscle fatigue or niggling back pain. We all know the feeling: given enough time, uncomfortable seating becomes a pain…literally. X.Pro’s AMS system is a highly effective preventive solution: it guarantees enhanced comfort not only when seated but in particular when standing up – even after long hours of office work. In fact, this technology allows the involuntary muscles of the spine to continue working also when seated, giving enhanced benefits in terms of mobility and relaxation even after work: once you stand up, your back feels less stiff, and more supple.

This focus on health in the workplace is central to Ivars’ philosophy which places “man at the centre”: each and every ergonomic solution introduced by the company strives to embody this ethos, and X.Pro represents a shining example. Ivars supplies the entire X.Pro assembly, while the mesh upholstery is at customer’s choice. So X.Pro represents an innovative seating concept embodied in a lightweight, stylish, and essential chair, aimed at discerning health-conscious users. The major engineering and design effort Ivars has invested in this project not only meets functional needs, but also complies with all the latest standards regarding safety, comfort and well-being.

In fact, X.Pro has attained CATAS certification No. 1770/2021 in compliance with the EN 1335- 1:2020 type A standard – a major recognition of the strength of this product’s safety credentials. The fact that it meets this standard represents a strong point during business negotiations whatever the sector. While the Ivars technical team has excelled in the design of X.Pro, the Ivars quality control team – another of the company’s distinctive hallmarks and guarantor of product excellence – put in much hard work to secure this certification before X.Pro was released to market. The chair has been tested and passed all the standards necessary for certification. X.Pro is innovation, functionality, quality and aesthetics embodied: it’s the perfect strategic decision for Ivars which, in the year that marks its 75th birthday, is approaching the market with a renewed spirit of innovative – recognition of the commitment of its entire team and the strength of their outstanding workmanship.


Ivars, your added value.

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