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Lamps maching design and technology

4 October 2021

Lym for lighting  design shows  its technological background


Lym is an italian company operating in the lighting design field with strong technological connotations. Lym offers in the market lighting systems and Lighting Devices that are unique in their kind in terms of design and functionality. These include K-Wireless, an innovative integrated plasterboard panel that allows you to reconfigure the light spot in a simple, safe and fast way, or the Quadri line, wall lamps that blend with a completely customizable piece of furniture. Today Lym introduces in the market two extremely innovative products, specifically designed for the HORECA sector. Among them there is the lamp Suro (fig. 3-4), a revolutionary autonomous Lighting Device that stands out both for its design and for its technical characteristics. It is recharged by induction on any wireless charging base, it is therefore devoid of holes or cables and this allows it to be waterproof and so resistant to water and humidity and usable in the outdoors, the internal magnets allow it to be used on any metal surface and the design, reminiscent of the shape of a cap (Suro, from the Venetian dialect, means cap), makes it combinable with the various accessories dedicated to it, including the Murano26 vases in different finishes and colors and the Spring26 and 104 plexiglass supports.

It is thanks to the possibility of customization and combination with the different supports that Suro can be a table lamp but also a floor lamp, according to the needs and contexts of use. Thanks to the touch button the lamp is equipped with, it is possible to set the two light sources and adjust their intensity in three dimming levels. The high-efficiency battery guarantees Suro an autonomy ranging from 11 to 60 hours (depending on the selected setting), thus ensuring the illumination of the centerpiece from sunset to late at night. Murano26 diffuser vases are a series of elegant artifacts handcrafted by Venetian glass masters. Available in four different finishes and colors, they give the centerpiece always different atmospheres, creating unique light diffusions, to make any moment or event special. The vases can obviously also be used separately from the Suro lamp, to decorate tables during the day with floral and non-floral compositions. The diffuser supports Spring26 and Spring104 transform Suro into a table lamp but also into a floor lamp, spreading its light uniformly and efficiently. Spring104 also brings light outdoors, in terraces, gardens or places where there aren’t any electrical connections, illuminating the outdoor events of summer evenings in the best possible way.

If in restaurants the light of Suro accompanies evening events and moments of conviviality in a unique way, in the bedrooms the Biga (fig. 3-4)  wall lamp transforms the classic bedside table into a multifunctional console that performs different functions, even at the same time. Creates an excellent reading light, the shelf, which in addition to acting as a shelf to contain small everyday objects, incorporates a wireless power station for charging the smartphone, a USB port for traditional charging of any electronic device and two switches dedicated to adjusting the spotlight and switching the general lighting of the room on or off. The product can be customized for color and finish and type of light, thus adapting to different types of environments and situations. It adapts to domestic environments, but is best expressed in hospitality situations, such as in hotels. The front plate of Biga is in fact available in different colors and shapes and, on request, it is also possible to create a more advanced customization. Biga resizes the overall dimensions while ensuring the same basic functionality of the classic bedside table. With its installation, hanging cables and power sockets disappear, giving order and cleanliness to the environment in which it is located.

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