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LED track lighting with Universal Science’s new DC / DC converter module

5 September 2022

The new DC / DC converter module launched by Universal Science is the ideal product for LED track lighting and the result of the increasingly close partnership with Sunricher to develop and distribute cutting-edge LED solutions. The ultra-thin design (125x14x10mm) makes it perfectly compatible with Stucchi or similar low-voltage track systems for indoor and retail applications.

The programmable track LED driver has 48V DC input and 32W maximum output power and an integrated DALI-2 interface. It is available with constant current output with one (DALI DT6 version) and two (DALI DT8 version) channels with output current adjustment ranging from 100mA to 700mA with dip switch functionality to select the power. The DALI DT8 version is conceived for the dynamic white control (Tunable White) and therefore to adjust light flow and colour temperature. The 0.1% deep dimming then guarantees a very high precision dimming that avoids flickering and meets the market requirements.

The DC/DC converter module complies with the IEC 62386-101: 2014, IEC 62386-102: 2014, IEC 62386-207 Ed2, IEC 62386-209: 2011 standards.

Among the products compatible with Stucchi or similar track systems, Universal Science also offers a driver module in the ON/OFF version (code R5489) that works with both 24V and 48V input voltage and is programmable via the onboard trimmer. This LED solution is developed and produced internally under the RED – Integrating Lighting Technologies brand and included in the 2022-2023 catalogue within the new SpecialREDDriver Modules family.

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