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Light effects in the green of the Mediterranean maquis

17 September 2021

Francesconi Architectural Light lights up the park of a Sardinian villa


The lush garden of a private villa located at Punta Marana (between Porto Rotondo and Golfo Aranci) has been planted with the typical vegetation of the Mediterranean maquis. This large green area has been designed and built with the utmost respect for the existing environment. Juniper, strawberry and phillyrea trees with ‘sculptural’ trunks were cleared of the shrubbery that surrounded them and blocked their view. The chestnut pergola, curved and skilfully woven by local craftsmen, is supported by wrought iron springs fixed to granite monoliths and recreates a natural structure with a reduced environmental impact that blends perfectly into the surrounding landscape.

The pathways leading to shady relaxation areas nestled in the greenery were also made with full respect for the ecosystem by laying stones in the lawn or among the vegetation, while a group of boulders was used to make seats covered with soft cushions. In some places, evergreen shrubs were planted to separate the garden from neighbouring properties; in the sunniest areas, aromatic plants typical of Sardinia were also planted, giving the garden an intense fragrance unique to the Mediterranean landscape.

The skillful inclusion of light has made it possible to further enhance the vegetation and enjoy the beauty of nature even in the evening hours. Francesconi Architectural Light luminaires were installed throughout the area and helped improve the overall lighting project and highlight the various elements of the property, i.e. plant varieties or interestingly shaped granite monoliths: the FLEX, MINIFLEA and MAXIFLEA projectors made it possible to highlight the trunks of the junipers shaped by time together with the large rocks typical of Sardinia. The pathways leading to the pedestrian entrances and driveways were illuminated with a showy effect, ensuring both safety and excellent visibility to fully enjoy the entire area, using MOK and MINIMOK bollards and MAXIFLEA recessed spotlights.

Another important element that characterises the project is the naturally shaped swimming pool with sloping beaches, set between the granite boulders and the greenery, equipped with sophisticated filtration systems and lit by FLEA immersion fixtures. The lighting system has been divided into various lighting zones to create different scenarios and light effects depending on the time of day and the desired atmosphere.


Landscape lighting design studio: Rocco srl


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