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Lighting, Home Automation and Energy efficiency for the Palazzo Santo Spirito in Bergamo

27 October 2023

Functionality, aesthetics and consumption awareness for the lighting technology project involving the indoor and outdoor spaces of Palazzo Santo Spirito Hotel & Charme accomplished by Telmotor


Just in time to welcome tourists from Bergamo and Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023, Palazzo Santo Spirito Hotel & Charme, formerly known as Hotel Commercio on Via Tasso, in the heart of the city of Bergamo, reopened its doors just a few months ago. The reopening follows a lengthy refurbishment process by Fondazione Istituti Educativi di Bergamo (Fieb), the owner of the property, which also made it possible to restore the precious 16th Century frescoes adorning the halls to their former glory. The renovation project, in the capable hands of the architects Mara Garatti and Maura Pellegrinelli of Studio M & M, was developed to blend in with the historic fabric of the neighbourhood and envisaged a significant conservation effort of the existing architectural heritage, returning a place with such an important artistic and historic value, as well as a symbol of the city of Bergamo, back to its ancient splendour. The lighting is one of the flagships of the new facility, with natural and artificial games of light which enhance the appeal of the overall architecture, its interiors, its historic settings as well as individual areas.


Functionality, aesthetics and energy saving were the guidelines underpinning the lighting technology project allocated to Telmotor – a major industrial player which offers highly specialised solutions for the lighting, industrial automation and energy sectors, a provider of integrated consultancy for industry, infrastructure and the service sector – which involved the facility’s 4,000 square metre surface area: 82 rooms, outdoor settings, spaces dedicated to cultural events, as well as a spa with swimming pool in the basement, a bar and a restaurant. The project required an in-depth preliminary study, by the Eng. Stefano Giovanzana along with the Telmotor group of lighting technology consultants and designers, who put together a study of the special systems and energy distribution solutions, defined the medium voltage supply of the electrical panels, developed the home automation access control systems, integrated within the building, and also selected appropriate, discrete luminaires suited to the facility. The objective was to use lighting to contribute towards creating a positive user experience for tourists as early as their initial visual impact, to accompany guests throughout every step of their stay and also enhance the image of the facility. The result is a harmonious lighting throughout the various settings, capable of creating clearly visible and alluring effects, which integrates high-tech luminaires with low consumption levels and minimal visual impact.

Light is often almost invisible but it determines the quality, the aesthetics and the user-friendliness of the spaces. Every lighting technology project should take into account various factors: first and foremost the style of the setting and the possibility of intervening on the architectural structure or not. This aspect determines the choices in terms of plant engineering, home automation, distribution of luminance, colour and direction of the light, colour rendering, vertical illuminance and much more.”, states Alessandro Vaglietti, Energy&Lighting Solutions Manager at Telmotor who was in charge of the project alongside Claudio Gualtieri, Energy Solutions Technician, who managed the special systems, Riccardo Taccani, Lighting Solutions Manager and Loris Carminati, Energy&Lighting Solutions Consultant.


Lighting solutions for the rooms

The stylistic choices privileged the choice of lightweight luminaires, with a contemporary design, suitable for the sophisticated yet contemporary style of the indoor settings. In the rooms, each one differing from the next, the luminaires create a general lighting base with spotlights on specific elements, to make the surroundings welcoming and recreate relaxing atmospheres, emphasising the furniture and the architectural style. Each room is rendered unique by light points integrated into the home automation system, complete with dimmers and consumption controllers. In the bathrooms, the light sources adapt to the design of the setting in a harmonious and elegant manner. The corridors and passageways leading to the rooms and to the hotel’s outdoor areas create a decorative illuminated pathway with recessed and wall-mounted path luminaires.


The bar and restaurant area

In the bar area, the main room is dominated by the vaulted ceiling and the chromatic harmony of the dark-hued wooden furniture. The light sources shed light everywhere, without any restrictions imposed by the electrical system: they are arranged at full height to emphasise the ceiling and the whiteness, and they adapt to the furnishings and to the style of the dining hall, emphasising the architectural details, decorative elements and special features with light points. The additional lighting elements, on the floor, tabletops and walls, combine superior visual comfort with top performance levels, all with an extremely discrete aesthetic impact. The result is a very comfortable and uniform luminous atmosphere, just the right illuminance levels as well as graphic elements on the ceiling.


The swimming pool and outdoor areas

Another highlight of the project was the work carried out in the spa area, the well-being location par excellence. In this context, the work involved the pool, where the equipment fitted features blade-of-light diffusion and active luminous flux direction control for direct, indirect or two-way emission, contributing towards creating a cosy and subtle atmosphere. In the outdoor area too, the lights lend their surroundings a romantic and alluring ambiance, accompanying guests along a path with total stylistic accord. The luminaires installed in the various areas belong to brands the likes of Interni, Davide Groppi, Flos, Exenia, Santa& Cole, Diomede.

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