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[LND] at Light+Building 2024

6 May 2024

Outdoor light illuminates the Frankfurt Trade Fair


[LND], or Landa Illuminotecnica, an Italian company skilled in wide-range outdoor lighting, shown at Light+Building 2024 new interpretations of light and careful product research. The company presented itself at the principal trade fair for the European lighting and architectural field, showcasing a series of products from its catalogue and two exclusive novelties, where design and functionality meet in two cutting-edge lighting fixtures.

This year, the leading theme of [LND]’s exhibition was the ‘Botanical Garden‘, a unique concept that transformed the presentation space into a botanical garden articulated in different green areas. A conceptual choice perfectly reflecting the company’s philosophy of creating products that harmoniously integrate with the external environment, responding with versatility to the various design needs. This approach is the result of a journey that began in 2020 with the launch of the Unexpected decorative collection and continued with the introduction of the &CO/LLECTION in 2022, both inspired by the connection with nature.

Among the wide range of products on display, lighting fixtures such as Kuboid, Nest, I-Lantern, Car-Go, Lako, Duvali, Idria and Solisia distinguished themselves, representing the excellence and variety of the offer. In the range of the new products presented for the first time at the fair, two stood out to enrich the [LND] Technical collection: Urb-i and Handle. These luminaires represent the latest frontier of innovation for the company, combining sophisticated design and advanced features to define and enhance architectural and natural spaces. Urb-i marks [LND]’s entry into the street lighting sector, offering an innovative solution for urban lighting. In a fast-growing market – where the number of connected public lighting poles is expected to reach 48.8 million by 2025 (source: LUMI 4 INNOVATION) – Urb-i stands out for its unique design and high performance. Available in pole, wall and floor versions, with IP66 and IK10 degrees of protection, the body is made of die-cast aluminium with extra clear transparent tempered and silk-screened glass. The graphite grey or grey finish, together with advanced LED technology, offers a wide range of powers (from 20W to 155W) and lighting solutions, including ON/OFF-Midnight and DALI management systems, as well as different colour temperatures and RGB and dynamic white (DW) versions.

Segue Handle, a versatile walkway lighting fixture for walls or ceilings, is available in various sizes for single or continuous-line installations. This IP65-rated product combines a die-cast and extruded aluminium body with tempered or opal extra-clear glass screens, offering robustness and multiple light diffusion options. The finish, available in graphite grey, black, white and cement grey, adapts to any architectural context. Equipped with IK ≥ 06 shock protection and LED technology from 6W to 18W, this luminaire guarantees high performance with a 24Vdc power supply for its little version and 220÷240Vac for the medium and large ones. Colour temperatures range from 2700K to 4000K, with a CRI≥95 colour rendering index, ensuring superior light quality. The light emissions are customizable (spot, medium, large, elliptical, diffuse), and the luminaire is rated III (small) or I (medium and large) for electrical insulation, with remote or integrated electronic ballasts depending on the size.

Now, more than ever, light regains its natural dimension.



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