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Lombardo: rebranding for an even more decisive identity

20 March 2023

Form is substance: when a company chooses to undertake a rebranding process, it means that it feels the need to give substance to the transformation process it is undergoing and wishes to affirm its uniqueness and identity.

Lombardo, a lighting technology company based in Villongo (Bergamo), a protagonist in recent years of a process of strong growth and evolution, has chosen to tell its story with a new logo and a corporate video that emphasise its values and the way in which it stands and wishes to be recognised on the market.

“Re-branding is not simply finding a new, more modern and original graphic form for your brand. It means going on a journey inside one’s own identity, in search of one’s roots and values. It is to identify the originality of one’s own proposal in order to arrive at a new ‘idea of self’ that reflects the changes taking place and proposes horizons of meaning and values,” says Italo Belussi, Lombardo’s CEO.

Simplicity and dynamism: it is under the banner of these two values that Lombardo’s rebranding should be read. Simple does not mean easy, on the contrary. It means free of anything unnecessary, unburdened by unnecessary complexity and redundancy. It means reducing processes, technologies, products and shapes to the essentials, which is one of Lombardo’s objectives: to combine technology, elegance and simplicity in order to always offer performing solutions.

Effectively expressing this concept are several stylistic choices. Starting with that of using its own name as a logotype, embellished with a final red dot, which defines, amplifies and gives strength to the name, as well as distinguishing the essence and identity strength of the brand. The new logo is completed by the claim ‘Everyday light’, which represents a true declaration of intent on the company’s commitment, but also the horizon of the company’s mission: to be like light in constant evolution and always on the move, searching for the best technologies, materials and solutions.

Availability, listening, connection are the values that also emerge from the new company presentation video, which represents Lombardo’s team spirit and reliability with originality: a company that has a structured but linear and direct organisation, thanks also to its extremely young and motivated team, in which ‘problems are opportunities’ and ‘everyone is a solution’.

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