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Lombardo products told in a new optic

14 June 2022



Research and innovation, reliability and unique geometries. Kura and Pop are the new LED lighting systems by Lombardo as a result of collaboration with Maxpla, a leader in the processing of plastic materials and in the construction of moulds, and with LUMIdesign, an engineering company focused on the development of optics for lighting fixtures.

The study, promoted by Lombardo’s design laboratory, outlined elements of innovation and uniqueness that are extremely functional to the design of the new lights. The adoption of tailor-made solutions has allowed optimal integration of the optics within the mechanical design, avoiding the use of additional components (such as shields or glass) that would otherwise be necessary to guarantee water and dust protection. The possibility of guaranteeing an IP protection by using the lens itself as an integral part of the luminaire casing, made it necessary to carry out research and development activities following a meticulous procedure: choice of light sources (LEDs), design of the optics in combination with the established LEDs, performance evaluations, photometric simulations and transposition of the optical project into the mechanical apparatus.


From prototyping to the finished product

From design to manufacture of the secondary optics (lenses and reflectors) for the LED lighting of Lombardo’s new products, a long and complex manufacturing process guarantees all the photometric efficiencies identified during the engineering phase. The injection moulding of the Kura lenses requires a constant control of the entire manufacturing process: requirements such as gloss and flatness of the plastic surface, compactness, transparency and precision of the optical component, are fundamental to obtain a homogeneous and uncompromising diffusion of the light beam.

The refinement of the facetted geometry makes the polygonal surface of the POP reflectors perfectly compliant with the photometric distribution required by the initial lighting design. The effectiveness of the optical system is enhanced by PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating technology, a completely eco-friendly system that metallises the reflector by sublimating aluminium. The result is a low absorbent and highly reflective surface. Kura and Pop are synonymous with quality and innovation in the lighting industry. The success of these projects will allow Lombardo to apply its new skills and the reproducibility of the results in future lighting systems where the perfect combination of design and functionality will once again be the company’s must.


Kura – Optics that dominate the light

LED lighting; suitable for indoor and outdoor installation in plasterboard ceilings using springs (Kura model) or for ceiling or wall mounting (Kura Top and Kura Reg models). PMMA lenses. Cri > 95. IP 65 Outdoor and Waterproof.


Pop – The parabolic reflector that amplifies light

LED lighting; suitable for installation in plasterboard ceilings for indoor and outdoor use. Polycarbonate body. Die-cast primary aluminium heat sink EN-AB44100. Transparent polycarbonate diffuser. Recessed installation by means of springs. CRI> 90. IP 65 Outdoor and Waterproof.

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