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Lorelux: luminaires made of an anti-corrosive and ultra-resistant material

16 December 2021

The first Italian luminaires for urban lighting resistant to the corrosion of atmospheric agents and to the impacts of vandalism


Lorelux is born in 2021, a brand with the first LED luminaires for urban lighting that remain unchanged over time for more than 50 years. The Long Resistant Luminaires, acronym for Lorelux, solve forever the problems of corrosion and impacts, due to vandalism, to which the luminaires for public lighting are exposed, thanks to a highly innovative material in the lighting sector. The studies of technopolymers based on HDPE (a high-density polyethylene), carried out in collaboration with CETMA (Technologies Design and Materials European Research Centre) and combined with an innovative manufacturing technique of urban lighting furniture, made it possible to create these luminaires with really resistant to corrosion of salt fog or polluting agents lighting bodies. Moreover, the timing between planning and manufacturing is extremely reduced, if compared to the manufacturing technologies traditionally used in this sector. We are talking about avant-garde luminaires in a highly competitive sector, ideal to be installed in cities by seas, rivers, or lakes, precisely because of their resistance to corrosion. Recently, they have been chosen for its historical centre by Sirmione, a city in the province of Brescia that overlooks Lake Garda.

The blend made of technopolymer of Lorelux luminaires is environmentally compatible, recyclable and batch dyed. “The manufacturing process is based on a rotational moulding, a manufacturing technique with low environmental impact” explains Giuseppe Vendramin, Technical Director, “Because powders melt without a direct contact with flames or heat sources. In addition, it is free from harmful emissions during the moulding and the manufactured products do not need painting cycles”.

This technique allows to obtain highly customized designs and the creation of any geometric shape.

Lorelux is born in the heart of the Ionian territory, from the ten years’ experience of Niteko, an innovative company in the LED lighting sector. Its founders were the first in the world, in 2007, to show the first street lighting prototypes with power LED technology in an IEEE international conference in Hammamet, Tunisia, – from which derives the scientific article “Led-based Public Lighting System Reliability for a Reduced Impact on Environment and Energy Consumption”. From that moment on, its R&D department has never stopped and today, it has developed the technology that preserves the urban lighting luminaires, installed along the promenades and in aggressive environments, from corrosion and decay, providing a solution for the needs of Italian territory and lighting business. Resistant, but flexible at the same time in their design, the new Lorelux luminaires are able to meet any aesthetic preference and speed up manufacturing times, never forgetting to respect the environment.



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