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Martinelli Luce, design lamps for outdoor lighting

8 March 2021

When iconic companies like Martinelli Luce venture into new design experiences as outdoor lighting, the result translates into design luminaires owning sophisticated features. Never conventional lamps, with an ambitious design and the possibility of being used in astonishing situations and places.

Among these, Frog the adjustable outdoor spotlight, designed for spotlighting and to put a light accent to hedges, large trees, garden corners or even sculptures. A funny and cheerful lamp, with a sinuous and rounded shape, available in yellow, black, and teal blue.

Or we can come across slender structures emerging from the garden like small mushrooms with their corten colour. Like Boleto’s hat, which direct-diffused LED light unobtrusively illuminates any garden path. The aluminium structure is also painted in corten colour and the stem is available in two heights, with a base for fixing to the ground.

Pistillo, instead, is a lighting line straight and essential, or equipped with an upper cone, which offers a soft light in gardens and outdoor environments. If positioned vertically, horizontally or obliquely, several elements create a dynamic and movement effect like the pistils gently swayed by the wind. The methacrylate structure is white opal, while attachment hooks and details are black painted. It is possible to apply a painted aluminium screen. The orange power cable with the plug is 5 meters long.

Polo is a suspension lamp with an LED light source, emanating diffused light. Its structure in resin and aluminium is lightweight, with sandblasted glass diffuser and stainless-steel grill. Available painted in white, anthracite or corten colour.

Last but not least, Pont stands out as an arc of light in the night. An extraordinary aesthetical lamp to be secured to the ground. Created to highlight unique pots in the house gardens, it emerges from the ground and returns to it. A sharp as a blade beauty, bringing the light onto a lawn segment and back, as it closes an imaginary circle. The highly resistant concrete structure is treated with water-repellent material, in the typical grey colour.

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