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Masiero celebrates its 40th anniversary with a new Gold Edition

18 May 2021

2021 is an important year in the history of Masiero, marking as it does the company’s 40th anniversary – four decades and two generations in the high-end decorative lighting sector, bearing witness to its strong commitment in this industry.

“We have decided to celebrate our first 40 years in business with a special collection based on an enriched version of five of our iconic, most representative pieces. The five chandeliers, in different styles and materials, will all be coated in gold. Each of the five models will be produced in just 40 pieces: a limited edition attesting to 40 years of all-Italian design and tailoring excellence” (Enrico Maria Masiero, Masiero CEO)

In April 2021, “Honicè”, “Horo”, “Nappe”, “Olà’” and “Maria Teresa” will be showcased in a special new Gold Edition. In Honicè, the onyx slabs have been replaced with glass ones decorated with a gold leaf finish, giving life to a play of overlays that match the gold-coloured frame, made glossy by shiny gold plating, and enveloping the glass like a precious ribbon. Horo, with its characteristic prismed glass, features a new gold leaf design, meticulously finished by hand by the company’s craftsmen. The Nappe lamps, normally available in matt hues, have been plated in shiny gold, turning them into veritable jewels! The Olà frame has been decorated in shiny gold and the pendants hand-painted a warm golden hue. Finally, the Maria Teresa has been given a shiny gold frame, the arms covered in amber-coloured glass, and the pendants hand-painted gold.

Masiero is an internationally recognised and highly decorative luxury brand serving the residential and contract sectors. Under the twenty-year guidance of Enrico Maria Masiero (CEO since 2001), son of the original founders, Masiero has increasingly invested in production processes, diversifying its product portfolio in terms of styles and materials. The company has also developed a strong marketing strategy, expanding its target market to achieve distribution in over 70 countries worldwide, from the Middle East through to the United States and South America, and from China and Russia through to South Africa.

Masiero’s products are produced entirely in Italy, drawing on the quality materials, the technological innovation, and the technical and tailoring skills of a truly unique brand. The company’s make-to-order production strategy is one of its greatest strengths, managing as it does every phase of production, from design to construction, internally through a state-of-the-art workshop and painting department. Every Masiero lamp is a one-off masterpiece crafted by over 40 professionals who handle every stage of production in the company’s facilities in Casale sul Sile, Treviso: from the production of the metal structure to assembly of all the components, through to painting of the decorations, and electrical safety testing.


Masiero Gold Edition 

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