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Medusa by Oluce, is a glass table lamp, created from an elementary principle

23 February 2024

Andrea Quaglio and Manuela Simonelli, professionally Quaglio-Simonelli, have focused for years on furniture design and other items. They have designed Medusa for Oluce, a glass table lamp, created from the elementary principle of incorporating a metal dome into a cylinder. The dome contains the light source and the glass cylinder delicately spreads the light onto the lamp’s supporting surface.

Medusa reverses the relationship between support and lampshade. The support does not uphold the lampshade but contains it. The dome, which houses the light source, is suspended in the cylinder by an elegant glass fold that allows a formal and refined cleanliness. The electric cable completes the design, descending freely from the centre of the diffuser and appears to sway due to reflections, giving a sense of lightness to the lamp.

Formal cleanliness for a soft and warm light. Medusa is available in three colour variants: glossy black, satin gold, and scarlet red.

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