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Metal Fly, the Marche area Italian company that works in furniture subcontracting for over thirty years

28 April 2023

The experience and strength of the point of reference in the whole territory for years


A company that represents a point of reference on the whole territory, the Italian Marche region. The history of Metal Fly is a long and prestigious one. The company has been successfully operating for over 30 years in the furniture subcontracting sector and the production of custom-made articles upon customer and hardware store requests. Metal Fly, led by the owner Maurizio Cagnoli with the precious collaboration of his wife Fiorella and his daughter Simona, owns advanced technologies and a production system that guarantees quality products in full compliance with the demanding European regulations.

Now more than ever, the furniture market is constantly evolving. To be competitive in such a dynamic market, it is necessary to always propose new and winning ideas through careful product customization. Metal Fly is a family-run business which, however, has always known how to perfectly combine tradition and evolution. The experience gained over many years has therefore prompted the company to expand its range of products and be able to offer a more complete and efficient service to satisfy the most varied needs of the production sectors of metal subcontracting.

That choice has allowed Metal Fly to conquer a dimension of absolute relevance in the market. Among the strengths are the steady quality of materials, continuous technological research and rapid, efficient service. Every customer who turns to the Italian company based in Lucrezia di Cartoceto (Pesaro Urbino, Italy) knows they can find the solution that best suits their needs. That is thanks to the availability of standard items and customized products that pursue every single request of the customer, who is always at the centre of the project.

Among the products in the catalogue, we find legs for desks and other iron components for office furniture, chromed or painted feet for sofas, bridge bars, ladders, protectors, a vast range of trapezoidal and cube-shaped bed base support, mechanisms for the lifting bed base, knitted bed bases and slats and tubes for wardrobe. The head office covers an area of 1,000 square meters. Thanks to its own internal epoxy powder coating system, Metal Fly can supply finished products complete with packaging, offering a speedy delivery service. Undoubtedly, Metal Fly can submit the best offers and is always ready to send free samplings, allowing the customer to verify the requested articles by hand.


High-level services for customer satisfaction

The services offered by Metal Fly are multiple and varied. Starting from the design sector: the company has a technical office capable of carrying out specific processes on request. Another flagship of Metal Fly is its modernly equipped Moulding Department to mould sheet metal and plastic parts, even upon specific customer request.

Then there is the Welding Department, which guarantees the correct application of TIG techniques. The company is also skilled in processing steel and aluminium sheet metal and pipes, with laser cutting for metal sheets and pipes.

Metal Fly also owns an epoxy powder coating system covering a wide range of colours. The colours used are both unified RAL and those on specific requests. Galvanic treatments and mirror polishing are another Metal Fly service, which is, therefore, able to ensure the creation of an optimal product, thanks to qualified suppliers, who guarantee special finishes such as chrome plating, nickel plating, brass plating and zinc plating. Not to forget the metal subcontracting service of finished and packaged items. Furthermore, Metal Fly delivers any finished product with industrial packaging or a single box following the customer’s specifications.


A solid reality with a family management for maximum professionalism

Maurizio Cagnoli enthusiastically guides us to discover his company: «Our strength – underlines Cagnoli – is undoubtedly represented by my family, customers, suppliers and, above all, by our workforce. We have about 80 employees who work with great professionalism. The difference is also in the use of advanced technologies, which guarantee the quality and durability of our articles over time».

And the results, also in economic terms, were not slow in showing: «On the turnover front – adds Cagnoli – we recorded a +22% compared to last year, which was also exceptional in terms of growth. In just two years we have brought our turnover from 9 million euros to 16 million and 400 thousand. These are signs of constant growth».

What projects do you have in your drawer for the future of Metal Fly? «Despite the increases in raw materials and costs that have created many problems for us – declares the owner – we continue to be competitive and to grow. And we will do it again in the coming years: for the future, we are thinking of designing a new bed base. At the same time, we will make further investments in technology further to increase productivity». Among the projects in the pipeline, according to Maurizio Cagnoli, there is also «further development abroad, where we have been satisfactory working for years».

Indeed, around 50% of Metal Fly’s production goes to companies in the Pesaro Urbino area, 30% abroad, and the remaining 20% of the turnover is subdivided between the Italian Pordenone and Treviso areas.

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