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11 October 2023

LED and power supply


M.I.V. has been recognized for over 10 years, on the Italian and foreign markets, among the leaders in the marketing of components for the lighting sector, thanks above all to the high product availability and the speed of logistics management: over 6000 items are available in stock delivery with a 24 hrs shipping service.

M.I.V. is able to guarantee high quality and maximum reliability of the products in compliance with current European and non-European regulations, making use of suppliers of primary importance in the lighting sector or operating for some of these as distributors. The commercial department is available to quickly provide quotes suitable for every type of need. The relationship with customers is managed both by agents, present throughout the national territory, and by the internal technical office, which follows the customer also constantly updating them on new products and technologies. Fundamental update in this particular historical moment with the entry into force of the Ecodesign directive for lighting (EU REGULATION 2019/2020). A regulation strongly intended to simplify and unify community rules regarding lighting products.


Small metal parts

In addition to the introduction of new parameters to comply with, the previous elements and amendments of the Ecodesign legislation have been included in a single standard. The EPREL directive supports the EU’s commitment to guaranteeing safety and eco-sustainability of the entire lighting sector through the use of increasingly efficient devices compliant with common guidelines. Among the requests that must be satisfied is the introduction of a new Energy Label, the simplification in the construction of lighting fixtures to make them easily repairable and finally the limitation of the Flicker and Strobe Effect values.


Lighting components

M.I.V. immediately took action to provide assistance to its customers and recommend products that best comply with the new requirements and are best suited to the structure of the lamp, avoiding costly variations that sometimes change its aesthetics. In particular, thanks to the collaboration with the Vossloh-Schwabe company of which it is a distributor, M.I.V. presents the new series of 220Vac LED modules (both COB and SMD) with integrated driver, which fall within the strict limits imposed by the new Ecodesign directive and replace the previous generation. This is to guarantee customers the continuity of the production of luminaires designed for operation with this type of light source.

For those who use LED modules (COB and SMD} or LED strips combined with separate drivers, M.I.V. offers complete Vossloh-Schwabe systems which, in addition to guaranteeing high energy efficiency, are synonymous with the quality of the light emitted and reliability over time Fundamental for the management of lighting (with consequent benefits for energy saving and the devices used) is the choice of the control system whether it is a small-sized system, such as a single lamp or a domestic environment, whether it concerns large surfaces such as production areas, commercial and hospitality structures.

With constant updating and the experience gained in the application and production fields, M.I.V. collaborates with its customers from design and prototyping up to programming with final testing of the control system with the most suitable technology for the required use (Bluetooth, WI-FI, Dali, DMX, etc.).

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