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Naka: a friendly step light

15 December 2023

The new step light from L&L Luce&Light, has a clean, elegant look, that focuses attention on the light output alone


Naka, the new step light from L&L Luce&Light, has a clean, elegant look, featuring an all-glass cover with black or white serigraphy, that focuses attention on the light output alone. It has been designed to light footpaths, stairways and corridors in private homes and hospitality venues.

The new fixture from the Veneto-based company is available in two sizes (50x50x42 and 115x75x49) and meets a variety of installation requirements. It can be mounted flush with the wall, using the special outer casing, or rebated, in the version with springs, on different surfaces: solid walls or plasterboard. The light source is recessed into the fixture’s body, guaranteeing excellent visual comfort and minimizing upward light spill.

Naka uses power LEDs with a high colour rendering index (CRI >90), in colour temperatures of 2700K, 3000K and 4000K. It is available with either a constant-current power supply (max 700mA) or a built-in 230Vac power supply, in the Naka 2 version. The latter can also be installed in an existing standard box 503. Its body, in black-painted die-cast aluminium alloy with screws and springs in AISI 316 stainless steel, guarantees outstanding corrosion resistance and is suitable for outdoor installation (IP66), Additionally, the glass is tempered for excellent impact and scratch resistance (IK07).

Its asymmetrical output ensures sufficient illuminance even when fixtures are spaced far apart, meaning that fewer devices need to be installed. Naka’s light is a companionable, glare-free guide – hence its name, taken from the Japanese nakama, meaning a close friend who feels like part of the family even though they are no relation. A nakama is a friend who is always loyal and ready to help, someone with whom the bond is so strong that, even if years go by between meetings, it seems like no time at all has passed. Naka is a familiar, welcoming presence – it offers safety and security as it serenely guides you home at night.


L&L Luce&Light

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