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New REIKO from L&L Luce&Light: the outdoor projectors that show off their surroundings in the best light

26 February 2024

Like spices in cooking, landscape lighting should be used wisely and sparingly, and added only where necessary. Outdoor projectors need to be positioned in precise, strategic positions and calibrated to enhance details without flooding them with light and rendering them indistinguishable. This is the approach taken by L&L Luce&Light when creating its ranges of outdoor projectors, designed to show facades and natural environments in the best possible light. Each range developed by the company is conceived to meet the exact requirements of designers who know how to shape the light on the landscape with the correct lighting. Fundamental to this is that, in addition to the fixture being close to invisible, the projected light be the best possible.

The continuous research and development that L&L Luce&Light carries out every day has led to the specification of flexible fixtures such as Ginko, one of the company’s bestsellers, thanks to its extensive range and versatile use, and to the constant work on improvements to make it even more efficient. Ginko provides solutions that are adapted and adaptable to any context, even the most demanding and complex. The company’s strategy is one of innovation and the study of solutions that offer a full gamut of technical possibilities aimed at realizing the light envisaged by the designers. It has produced the company’s latest outdoor projector, Reiko, a new-generation family with unique properties, ideal for architectural lighting on details and facades, and for illuminating plants and trees in parks and gardens.

The fixture offers a wide variety of light outputs, four sizes and numerous wattages, with finishes designed to blend with the different usage settings and materials and painting processes guaranteed for outdoor applications. This new tool is intended to aid the conception and definition of novel spaces, and the projection onto them of fresh ways of seeing. It has a square design and an extensive range of specific optics, such as very narrow 5° (Reiko 2.0) and 7° (Reiko 3.0) optics for enhancing architectural details at large distances, and sharp and elliptical optics. The possibilities are further expanded by the ability to adjust the elliptical optics manually through 360°, with the magnet provided (Reiko 3.0 and 4.0) and by the shadow-effect filter built into the sharp 32° optics on Reiko 3.0, which allows you to recreate the dappled effect of daylight shining through foliage. For landscape design applications, Reiko can be ordered in the jasper green finish, devised to enable fixtures to blend with the greenery surrounding them.

The family is completed by anti-glare accessories – honeycomb louvres, and square snoots in the fixture’s finish – and by fastener straps and accessories for in-ground installation. Reiko projectors use power LEDs (Reiko 1.0 and 2.0) and COB LEDs (Reiko 3.0 and 4.0) and give you the choice of both CRI 80 and >90 for better colour rendering.


L&L Luce&Light

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