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Nicolas Verschaeve designed Canopée for Martinelli Luce

10 April 2024

A light fixture, providing a cozy shade and a soft light under which to rest, this is the Canopée pendant lamp by Martinelli Luce, the brainchild of young Belgian designer, Nicolas Verschaeve.

Natural elements are the source of inspiration, the tree tops moved by the breeze, anchored to a central element that is light and subtle but at the same time solid and firm, just like the stem of a plant.

The central element of the lamp is the disc made using a technical cloth produced by Serge Ferrari for the nautical sector, lightweight and compact, which provides a reflective and diffusive surface for the integrated LED source in the cylindrical body. With a light touch, rotating or pulling the three cylinders allows the disc to be adjusted in both height and angle, thereby modulating the intensity of the reflected light to create different atmospheres as required.

“Lightness, movement, interaction. These sensations are brought into the design by using technical materials from the world of sailing: reflective fabrics, technical threads and extruded aluminium. The material is minimal, to express maximum variations of light and directions of reflection, to bring a feeling of impermanence into our permanent architectural spaces”. Nicolas Verschaeve


Martinelli Luce

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