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Nordic Power Converters launches its new campaign on Compolux

8 June 2021

September 2021, the new EU Ecodesign Directive for Lighting is coming into force. Will your luminaires conform? NPC tests them without any fee.

Nordic Power Converters’ labs will completely free of charge test your track lights’ EU Ecodesign Directive Compliance on these points:

– Efficiency Requirements

– Stand-by Power Consumption Limits

– Power Factor Requirements

– Flicker PstLM Requirements, acc. to IEC 61547-1

– Stroboscopic Effect (SVM) Requirements, acc. to IEC 63158

You will receive a test report from NPC’s lab with measurement results and pass/fail verdict on these vectors. The report is considered confidential, and you can freely use it for validation of conformity as well as for marketing purposes. No fees will be charged.

To book a test, email at

Devices must arrive at NPC’s lab no later than 18 June 2021. #NordicPowerConverters charges no fees for these tests.

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