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Oceano Oltreluce is pleased to present its latest creation: Don Pino 12

24 January 2023

A suspension lamp with 24 lights with a particular history, where past and present come together to create a modern chandelier


In the 1960s he designed and he makes produce a series of wrought iron lamps, floor and wall lamps, and several suspension lamps with different numbers of arms. He is an antiquarian, collector and lover of beauty in all forms. He cares for antique woods and metals with waxes, horsehair brushes and silk, and is fascinated by wrought iron, which allows him to create those objects that he sketches in pencil or ink.

At the end of 2021, 100 years after the birth of Giuseppe Greppi di Bussero, Oceano Oltreluce will realise the first prototype of a suspension lamp – 12 arms with 24 bulbs – designed by him. Oceano Oltreluce will work for 11 months on the updating and technical study of the chandelier, which will be completed in December 2021. It will be called “Don Pino 12” – the figure indicates the number of arms – in honour of the designer who was called with this name in the working world, where the best relationships were built with the simplest people.

Mario Belloni Jr, concept designer and head of Oceano Oltreluce’s technical department, has the task of updating a 50-year-old wrought iron lamp.


3 generations in light

The Belloni specialisation began in 1936, when grandfather Mario opened Officina Belloni Mario fabbrica apparecchi di illuminazione Milano, at 14th Col di Lana Street in Milan. He was succeeded by his son Alberto, just at the time when light was approaching the world of design.

In 1980, Mario Belloni Jr. took over from his father Alberto and continued to produce for Artemide, Quattrifolio, Memphis and other companies, including Oceano Oltreluce since 1981. At the same time, he collaborated with various studios, including Sottsass, Thun, Cibic, Mazza and Gramigna… After a period of absence from the world of design and lighting, MarioBelloni Jr. returned to work with Oceano Oltreluce, designing new products and making his own contribution to defining the company’s path.


Don Pino 12

Ultralight structure composed by 12 electric cables supporting as many 4 mm steel arms; provision for 24 LED bulbs 5-watt with G9 socket; borosilicate glass diffusers.


Oceano Oltreluce

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