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Ossicolor: colouring the world of aluminium

14 December 2020

A leading name in aluminium accessories, the Italian company Ossicolor has recently announced a number of new products and services. On the product side, one is the Alubox kitchen, an all- aluminium frame that complements the traditional kitchen to perfection, and is ideal for outdoor use. Alongside this, Ossicolor has added options to two of their most successful product lines: the elegant and eminently functional Size, and Palo, which is perfect for both kitchen and bedroom, and is now supplied with squared verticals, as well as the traditional rounded option.

The biggest news, though, is the company’s state-of-the-art low environmental impact automated liquid painting plant. This means that all paintwork can be executed in-house, as well as boosting the potential for a wide array of finish options on components up to 4.5-metres long.  Ever alive to new design ideas that can then be engineered into in-demand products, pushing the boundaries to achieve greater and more ambitious objectives, Ossicolor has made an art out of  aluminium components.

Providing work for 60 people, a 25% increase in exports worldwide reported for 2019, on sales in 2019 topping €12.6 million [£11mn/$13.6mn], a full 10% up on the previous year, Ossicolor is going from strength to strength. In 2018, the company extended its original 5,000sm manufacturing facility by 3,000sm, all of which complement its 2,500sm showroom space.  A regular, high-profile presence at more than twenty international trade shows every year, Ossicolor, which is based in Spormaggiore, in the north-eastern Italian region of Trento, commands attention for its products’ style, quality, and design capabilities.

A company keyed on an integrated production model, Ossicolor is the Number One source for aluminium components and products that lend themselves to being customized the better to serve the end-user.  A flair for constant growth and innovation informs the company’s new service, “Ossicolor & You”. Harnessing the best features from tools such as Zoom and Skype, this service allows customers and suppliers, whether present or potential, to connect and communicate with Ossicolor’s sales, technical, and administration personnel even more quickly than ever before. Attuned to the times, Ossicolor is the perfect partner for the most demanding designers and their customers.



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