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Pollice Illuminazione presents Clever Light, the intelligent lighting system

15 December 2021

Reference company in the field of lighting since 1908, and now a consulting centre on light and lighting design, Pollice Illuminazione is an R&D laboratory in the innovation of natural and artificial light architectures


On the occasion of Design Week 2021, has been presented the new revolutionary Clever Light intelligent lighting system that rethinks the world of lighting design based on a new ethical and cultural Renaissance, after which light becomes the guarantee of the most precious value: our health. Clever Light is originated from the successful collaboration between Marco Pollice, Art Director of the brand and passionate researcher on light and its effects on health, and Be Sapiens, a team of experts in medicine, chronobiology, economics and energy. It is a new circadian-friendly integrated lighting system, which allows us to avoid the harmful effects of light on our bodies, as it keeps our lifestyle aligned with the circadian rhythm.

Light is a matter of health, no longer just of the well-being of individuals. This evidence, Marco Pollice has been researching since 2000, is now finding scientific proof in the molecular mechanisms that, inside our brain, control the circadian rhythm; a discovery made by three US scientists – Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young – awarded with the Medicine Nobel Prize in 2017. With Clever Light, we want to offer a solution to the problem given by the change of lifestyle, compared to the way nature created us. We spend 93% of our lives indoors. Studies indicate that chronic misalignment between our lifestyle and circadian rhythm may be associated with an increased risk of major pathologies, as well as metabolic, sleep and eating disorders and depressive states. Light regulates the natural connection between the external biological rhythms and the human organism internal ones – among which the alternated production of the cortisol and melatonin hormones – and for this reason, we talk about Circadian-friendly intelligent lighting.

Clever light is protected by a patent licensed by Pollice Illuminazione. It is an innovative system compared to those previously proposed since it uses a control unit with a spectrophotometric sensor able to control the light wavelength and intensity produced in the environment, based on the time of day, season, latitude and orientation of the building, and taking into account pre-existing light sources: windows, lamps, coloured walls, reflective surfaces, to maintain the perfect alignment of our biological clock with circadian rhythms. The sensor installed inside Clever Light captures the colour temperature at all times, correcting them depending on the required task at that particular time, thus controlling the melanopic stimulus. It guarantees adequate inhibition of melatonin production during the day and instead gives the stimulus to produce it during evening hours and at night. That is why Clever Light is perfect for all places, where having healthy and sustainable living and working spaces is relevant.

“Now we can rethink the Aristotelian concept of the individual in an epigenetic vision making him a co-dividual, meant as an in-relationship-with human being. The result of the many preceding generations, individuals, environments and experiences, marking and biologically modifying him.” – explains Marco Pollice – “This is why Clever Light is a new concept in lighting engineering. It no longer refers to that kind of light allowing us correctly to see objects, but to that one responsible for affecting our bodies. That needs to be rethought about if we want to stay healthy”.



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