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Pollice: Sense of light

13 April 2023

Light is smart. This is how Clever Light® could be defined as a system conceived and created thanks to a multidisciplinary dialogue between Pollice Illuminazione, a company historically focused on innovation and Be Sapiens, a team of doctors and biologists who work with advanced technologies. A project that relates to life and health, light and science and which aims to make every illuminated space a place to feel good. This is the concrete and effective application of a long research on circadian light and its benefits.

The research, carried out by the oncologist Marco Pirovano, focused on the study of chronobiology, the science that studies periodic or cyclical phenomena in living organisms and their adaptation to the relative solar rhythms. “Understanding the mechanisms that regulate the biological clocks of man and other living beings offers the key to opening innovative paths also in the lighting sector”. (Marco Pirovano).

On these scientific bases and specific research on the beneficial effects of correct lighting on our metabolism, the collaboration was born between Marco Pollice, who has always been a researcher and experimenter of the most advanced technology in the field of light, (Sense of Light and Life Centric Lighting) and Marco Pirovano. The research undertaken is the answer to a series of environmental, psychological and sustainability issues, which has led to the development of Clever Light ®

The awareness that light is no longer just a matter of well-being, of correct vision and reading of things, but it is a matter of health, it is the possibility of substantially improving our lives and intervening preventively on our health, has led us to believe that this discovery could represent a new vision for institutions, companies and individuals on the role of light as a fundamental component in the design or renovation of an environment”. (Marco Pollice)

During the days of the Salone del Mobile, a Test Box will be presented in the Light Lab space in via Guido d’Arezzo 11 which will simulate an office space illuminated and controlled by the Clever Light® system. The patented system makes use of a sensor which reads the spectrum and intensity of light present in the room at any moment, then sending them to a control unit which is able to adjust the spectrum and intensity of the luminous bodies in the room, allowing thus ensuring optimal control of the stimulus to melatonin production and consequent respect for the physiological circadian rhythm.

The control algorithm of the control unit is created taking into account the time, latitude, season and orientation of the building in space. This system is able to control the wavelength and intensity of the light produced in the environment based on the time of day, season and latitude, taking into account other light sources: windows, lamps, colored walls , reflective surfaces, in order to maintain perfect alignment of our biological clock with natural circadian rhythms. Its specificity and uniqueness is the ability to dialogue directly with the natural light coming from outside.

The Fuorisalone continues in the Light Gallery space in via Rasori 12. Here some novelties of the Luxury Limited Edition collection will be presented, including the cylinders and floor cubes in a new glossy silver finish and the consolidated satin and glossy brass, both designed by Marco Pollice. All recent and historic production will soon be integrated with the system Clever Light® which works by integrating natural light and intervening on three levels: biological, cognitive and emotional, going to mitigate and cure the psychological stress we are subjected to on a daily basis. The data collected during the Salone del Mobile will be transmitted live on the monitor installed inside the Test Box Clever Light® and will be illustrated by the oncologist Marco Pirovano and Marco Pollice. The sources that integrate this system are mainly envisaged for all living environments, both new and undergoing renovation, such as workplaces: offices, schools, universities, libraries; places of hospitality: spas, hospitals and private clinics.

In recent months we have been working to ensure that this solution can also fully enter the residential sector, whose spaces are increasingly hybridized with work activities. This will lead to investing in architectural and lighting solutions that will make the home the first place of care. To this end, the Clever Light® project aims to identify a shared model that makes the most of the possibilities offered by this innovative technology.


LOCATION TEST BOX CLEVER LIGHT: Pollice Light Lab Via Guido d’Arezzo 11 – Milan 20145 MM1 Pagano Bus 61

OPENING DATES: April 18 – 23 h 10:00 – 20:00

COCKTAIL: Wed 19th h 18:30 – 22:00

LOCATION POLLICE LIGHT GALLERY LUXURY LIMITED EDITION: Pollice illuminazione Via Giovanni Rasori 12 – Milan 20145

OPENING DATES: April 18 – 23 h 10:00 – 20:00


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