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RAUKANTEX Edgebands by REHAU celebrate their 50th Anniversary

30 September 2021

An international success story in the production of design furniture; a product line that occupies a leading role in the Furniture Solutions company division. The polymer edgeband solutions RAUKANTEX by REHAU, turn 50 years old and keep growing in the name of innovation, among new sustainable product lines, quality optimization and special projects.

The first RAUKANTEX thermoplastic edgebands, produced half a century ago and registered as a trademark in 1970, have evolved to become a timeless international best-seller and the emblem of product innovation in the long run. REHAU’s ability to anticipate and adapt its offer to the market needs has been decisive. In the post-war period, when the demand for design solutions increased and chipboard became the industrial standard instead of solid wood, a new item was necessary to cover the cut parts: the edgeband. After several modifications, RAUKANTEX is now synonymous with cutting-edge furniture edging solutions, with very high levels of aesthetic and functional perfection thanks to the invisible joining technology owned by REHAU with the development of the laser edge RAUKANTEX pro.

Even 50 years later, the innovation has not stopped: from PVC to ABS, REHAU focuses on sustainability, ecological polypropylenes processing, and alternative materials. The new sustainable lines RAUKANTEX eco and RAUKANTEX evo are the expression of REHAU’s attention to the environment, also reflected in the increased percentage of recycled materials obtained from post-industrial waste and in the reduction of CO2 emissions during production. The innovative approach also includes the continuous improvement of quality, as demonstrated by particular applications, including self-extinguishing edgebanding solutions, as the antibacterial RAUKANTEX health.protect and the ones for the doors, as well as the gloss level from 3 to 12 points of the RAUKANTEX scratch.protect edges, combining an opaque appearance without reflections and maximum resistance to scratches and fingerprints.

In parallel, to offer real added value to its customers, services have also followed the same path of product evolution: in addition to a practical online search tool to match edges and panels, REHAU is increasingly oriented towards the smart industry, making available the #edgeisdigital service, which facilitates digitization and faster processing of edge materials, minimizing the error rate.



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