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REHAU: heritage, spirit of the times, vision

16 October 2021

REHAU, a leading developer of components for the furniture industry, has chosen SICAM 2021 to present its ground-breaking design solutions, rooted in a past of continuous evolution and now offering innovations that are set to revolutionise the sector. The exhibition was not only an opportunity to celebrate the 50th anniversary of RAUKANTEX edgeband solutions, but also to prove to professionals of the sector how in-depth expertise, the ability to anticipate future needs and a digitalisation focused approach are the key to carving out a leading role in modern furniture production.

The spotlight was on the new RAUKANTEX edging solutions, which interpret highly topical themes crossing several sectors: sustainability – which has always been part of the company’s DNA – and the matt trend. In fact, REHAU presented the new ecological lines RAUKANTEX eco and RAUKANTEX evo, respectively made from recycled materials and sustainable raw materials, to embody the sustainability-inspired RAUKANTEX eco-protect concept, and the RAUKANTEX scratch-protect line, which brings surface finishing quality to a new level through extremely scratch-resistant, matt-finishing edges. This innovation joins other REHAU matt solutions, providing an anti-fingerprint, anti-gloss and soft-touch effect.

Among the other focuses that represent the progress driven by the company at its best, SICAM 2021 visitors were able to touch with hands the new Noble Matt collection: by eliminating any reflection of light for maximum chromatic depth, even at low angles, the exclusive line offers surfaces, edges, and shutters with a perfectly coordinated matt finish, able to create a unique look in the contemporary-living furniture design. REHAU’s Noble Matt collection is available in 12 fascinating nuances – the RAUVISIO noir surface as its flagship – that allow to express all the facets of a cosmopolitan lifestyle through a solution combining timeless elegance and quality craftsmanship.

Last but not least, REHAU presented its innovations in terms of services, aimed at offering real added value to customers and shortening the distance from Industry 5.0 thanks to a digitisation process that is already underway: beside to the edgebands searching tool for manufacturers and interior designers, REHAU has developed the #edgeisdigital service – a modular and flexible solution that makes it possible to digitise and accelerate the processing of materials, simplifying operations and minimising the defect rate – available in all three families of edgings, in order to meet the different levels of digitisation of its customers.

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