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Saadiyat Rotana Resort & Villas, Saadiyat Island

3 May 2021

The luxurious Saadiyat Rotana Resort & Villas is an exclusive 5-star property located on the breathtaking Sa’diyyat Island, one of the largest and most beautiful natural islands in the Middle East. Not far from Abu Dhabi and with a direct view of the Persian Gulf, it is surrounded by palm trees and relaxing water features and is set on a spectacular 9 km stretch of pristine white beach.


The lighting project

With the aim of creating evocative light effects, for the lighting of the outdoor areas of the resort have been chosen different lines of LED technology products by Cariboni Group: Port Estran, Peyote, Kore and Grace.

Port Estran, designed by the lighting designer François Migeon, is the ideal bollard for decorative lighting of green areas, flowerbeds, pedestrian paths and driveways. Made with the special grey colour RAL 7046, it has allowed, on one hand, to illuminate the walkways with a warm white light (3000K) and, on the other hand, to enhance the surrounding areas with a note of blue colour.

For flowerbeds and pedestrian paths has been chosen the Peyote line in the “grazer” version with a 360° beam opening, which ensures a shadow-free light emission.

In order to illuminate architecture and vertical surfaces, has been installed Kore, a drive over recessed lighting system with orientable optics that has allowed to orient the light beam on two axes: inclined up to -15° (in 5° steps) and rotated by up to +359°.

In correspondence with the tree-lined avenues of the internal streets has been installed Grace in the 360° version, a compact and elegant LED drive over recessed with essential geometries, designed for grazing lighting vehicular paths, green areas and pedestrian zones.

The lighting project has been carried out by Eng. Tanas Khoury, LIGHT CONCEPT.

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